Top 14 reasons for joining Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp


Any slacker can do a Top Ten. I always go the extra mile, so I'm bringing you 4 extra reasons.


1. You are in an exercise rut and want to try something new.

2. You will get in great shape, stronger, more flexible, and gain more confidence.

3. You enjoy being surrounded by a group of awesome women who are all shapes, sizes, and abilities.

4. You want to benefit from exercise AND nutrition instruction.

5. You will get instruction from this guy

6. You want RESULTS! Nobody gets left behind and EVERYONE gets results.

7. You want to actually have FUN while you get in shape.

8. You want to have your exercise done first thing in the morning and be able to ATTACK your day.

9. You want to be challenged mentally, physically, and emotionally at your own level and pace.

10. Fresh air and Vitamin D from exercising outdoors can greatly improve your mood and outlook on life.

11. Your gym is really crowded and filled with dudes wearing Mandex.

12. You love the smell of estrogen in the morning. Smells like....victory.

13. You haven't seen the sun come up since college.

14. You want to have an APE for an instructor. Someone who Appreciates you being there, has Passion for what he does, and brings Enthusiasm every day.


Go sign up today at!