So I've been telling you about all the things I learned in Nashville. I don't get out much, so when I do lots of things are new to me and I learn a lot. We hung out all weekend, ate out every meal, and had a great time. Here was my only problem. I felt like crap. I do a pretty good job of sticking my nutrition plan for I would say 80-90% of the time. I could do better and I used to do a lot worse, but I eat pretty clean. So when I bombarded my body with really unhealthy meals all in a row it was not good. Lethargic, sick to my stomach, my allergies were worse, and when I ran the next day I really felt it. So I got to thinking. Was that really worth it? I basically made myself sick with food. Do you ever ask yourself that question? Was that food, drink, cigarette really worth how it made you feel? I used to treat my body pretty bad and I will be the first to tell you, feeling good is priceless. Having energy, being in a good mood, feeling strong, and feeling like you can take on the world can not be beat. The occasional cheat meal is fine, but if you haven't started eating healthy and nutritious meals on a regular basis you're missing out. Start today! I promise you won't regret it.