Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right. I have been telling people that for years, but now I actually have something to back it up with. A study at Miriam Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island asked a group of people a series of questions involving their confidence in meeting their goals, enjoyment of exercise, etc... The people who strongly believed in themselves and their ability to succeed were far more likely to be exercising one year later. I think that is pretty cool. Do you believe in yourself? If not, why? I know every one of you has been successful at something. Career, school, parenthood, you once picked up a 7/10 split while bowling one time, you are the tallest midget, something. Look back on your life and think about it. Build on past success to help you with future success. I'll believe in you if you can't. Listen, if a guy who hates talking period, much less talking in front of people, can get in front of 30 slightly hostile, sleep deprived women who mostly dislike exercise and the fool that had them sign up for that class and lead them in a boot camp, then you guys can accomplish anything. I got enough belief for all of you that's what I'm here for.