Is it difficult easy or difficult difficult? I was reading something interesting by Alwyn Cosgrove who was talking about the concept of difficult easy and difficult difficult that he learned from Geoff Thompson. Basically it means you may be doing something difficult, but not really that challenging when you do something difficult easy. For instance the person who runs a bunch of marathons. Obviously running a marathon is not easy, but after you've done 50 of them they aren't as challenging to you any more.  For me it may sound difficult that I wake up at 430 in the morning to go to work and don't get home from work until 830 at night, but it isn't that bad. I struggle some times, but since I graduated college I have never had just one job. I was either working and in school or working a few jobs and/or coaching at the same time. It's long days, but if you love what you do it isn't difficult difficult. So what is difficult difficult? An example of that would for me to quit my full time job and try to support my family without that knowing how much money was coming in each month (through training, boot camps, etc...) Right now I always have that good old Uncle Sam check every 2 weeks regardless of how cold the weather is and how few boot campers that means I will have. When you only do the difficult but easy things, you stop growing and changing. People throw themselves into their work because it is what they know. Working long hours, getting things accomplished, while ignoring the growing problems at home. Which do you think is difficult difficult? So take a look at what you are doing and decide if there are ways you can continue to challenge yourself and continue to get better.