Tough guys wear pink, but only when supporting breast cancer. Otherwise you're metro.

  Running is great for weight loss, heart and lung health, stress relief, and a host of other health benefits. You can run year round if you want, indoors, outdoors, up mountains, down hills, and all you really need is the desire to run. All that being said, I have a secret to tell you. I do not like running. Most trainers won’t tell you that, but I can trust you with my secret. I prefer to do sprints, burpees, jump rope, flip tires, etc… Just my personal preference, so you may be surprised that I signed up and got a team together (Bosom Buddies) for the Liz Hurley 5K that takes place this Saturday October 16. If I don’t like running, why would I do something like that? I am running for that 20 year old sophomore in college who just had her life turned upside down by a lump and is now living a life of uncertainty and fear. I am running for that 45 year old mother of 3 who isn’t worried about herself, but is scared to death what will happen to her kids if the cancer wins out. I am running for Liz Hurley herself, who took one of the worst things in her life and turned into an inspiration and a way to fight this horrible disease. I am running for all my boot campers who signed up to run 3.1 miles when many of them have never gone more than 1 mile, simply because they want to do their part. I am running for the brave survivors who are walking examples of what courage and hope look like. Most of all I am running for the ones who are no longer with us. So I am asking you to what you can to help. Run the race, donate money, or just come out and support the runners. Chances are breast cancer will touch your life if hasn’t already. Let’s fight back together. Go to