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Snap out of it! Strategies for getting through a bad day


Kids get it

First things first. I need your shirt sizes and the color you would like NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY. The shirts take a while to get in and this is a shorter camp so we gotta hustle here. They will be long sleeve and you actually get a choice of colors this time. Black, pink, charcoal, or purple. Also, for anyone who is not currently in boot camp (or if you just want an extra one) they are $15. Still sorting out some slogans too, so those need to be in by Wednesday as well. Eat your frog and get me your info ASAP!
Cardio and core was today. Since it was raining like L'il Wayne on an outing, we were inside today. Four corners were used. 2 were cardio and 2 were core. We had medicine balls too! Did some med ball slams, wacky jacks, pot stirs, side planks, and a ton of other things besides burpees. I'm taking a poll. How many got up this morning, saw the weather and went back to bed? I'm guessing 5, maybe 6. Happens to the best of us, not me of course, but it happens.
Upper Body Buffness will be tomorrow. There is a movement these days in the fitness world. You know what it is? It's a motto called "Strong is the New Skinny". Isn't that awesome! I know 80% of you are scale slaves, but being strong, fit, and ripped is much cooler. Trust me, I know stuff. So come get with the times, all the cool kids are doing it.
Do you ever just have one of those days? One of those days where you're just not feeling it? Man I had one yesterday. Just feeling run down, sick, tired, don't want to do anything kind of days. If you have kids, have you noticed the less energy you have the more they have? My son was off the chain yesterday! He inspired my e-mail today because I have always tried to have a "Leave it at the door policy." I want boot camp to be a place you look forward to coming to, not this place you go to get in shape. No matter what is going on in my life outside of camp, when 5:30 hits (or 5:40 for Donna) nothing else matters. I owe you the best and that's what you will get. If you have similar days like this here are some ways to snap yourself out of having a bad day.
1. Be around enthusiastic people. That's where my son comes in. He was so excited yesterday and he was going to the doctor to get a shot! The nurse came in and he literally started chanting "I want a shot! I want a shot!" Even AFTER the shot he was telling everyone how much he loves shots. It's hard to be grumpy when you're around a great attitude.
2. Look for a reason, not an excuse. There are TONS of excuses out there, especially this time of year. Looking for an excuse is the easy way out, looking for a reason takes a little harder work. My thing is I could have looked at my day at 4:30 like "Woe is me, I have to teach boot camp. It's cold, dark, rainy, and I don't feel good. Then I have to take the energy ball to the doctor, and then work until 8 at night. Waaaaaah." I prefer to look at it a little different. Those are all opportunities that a lot of other people would love to have. Making a difference in people's lives and spending time with my son is hard to beat.
3. Exercise. Normally when I'm in a funk I can get a workout in and feel like a new person. I jogged after my son while he rode his bike today. Pretty sure I coughed up a lung in English Village if any of you happen to see it.  Non-smoker pink in color, larger than average, answers to the name Gusty. People stop exercising when they get stressed and busy this time of year, but this is when it is the most important time!
4. Ask yourself a favorite question of mine. Is it really that bad? Are you dying? Are you homeless? Are you an indentured servant? A serf perhaps? Are you an Alabama fan? No? Then you're fine! This too shall pass. Just like Cam Newton when you commit all your guys to stopping the run. Too soon? Sorry.
5. Drink. Wait, what? Strike that from the record.
The main thing is to not get down, don't let yourself of the hook, and get back in the game.

Back in biznass!

Hide your mats, hide your weights, cause the wind is blowin errthing out here! Intro to Boot Camp was today so we did a little bit of everything. Squats, lunges, pushups, shoulder presses, step ups, planks, band work, etc... It was great to see everyone back! Coming back from a Thanksgiving week is always tough, so you guys did great. It is kind of weird that I kept smelling turkey and pie the more you all sweat. Sorry you all had to listen to my voice cracking like a 6th grade boy, it felt awesome on my end though.
Cardio and Core is what we got tomorrow. Lots of moving, sweating, ab working, lower back exercising, and of course voice cracking. I would recommend a little two sided tape for your mats tomorrow, so we don't have the Case of the Missing Mat again today. Tragic.
You've read it, I've sent it but here it is again. The way to take care of your aching muscles!
Soreness In case you don't normally bust out a bunch of crazy exercises on a daily basis, you may experience some soreness from doing new activities. The good news about being sore? It means you are making progress! The bad news? It is no fun. So here are a few ways to alleviate some soreness: Drink water-The trainer's answer to everything. It does help to get rid of the toxins (like lactic acid) that are causing you to be so sore by flushing them out of your system. Exercise-Kind of like the hair of the dog treatment for hangovers. Not that anybody in the camp is at risk for one of those, but you fight what caused your agony with more of the same.  Exercise gets the blood moving and helps to work out the stiffness and soreness in much the same way that water does. If you aren't coming to camp tomorrow, at least move around a little bit and do some stretching. Trust me, the worst thing you can do is sit around and do nothing. Recovery shower-Also called the contrast shower. You alternate 60 seconds of hot water with 60 seconds of cold water. It causes your blood vessels to constrict and dilate, which makes the blood vessels squeeze the toxins out. I feel like a million bucks after I take one of these, but my wife makes fun of me and thinks I am crazy.  If you want to try one, do about 4 rounds of hot, 4 rounds of cold, and make sure to concentrate the shower spray on the most sore areas. My biggest problem is taking a shower for 8 minutes, instead of the 3 I'm used to. Being bald has its advantages. Dixie cupsicle massage-If you have any paper Dixie cups, fill a few up with water and freeze them tonight.  When you wake up and you are speaking in tongues and wishing you had never heard of me and my stupid boot camp you can use them.  Massage the frozen cup on your aching muscles and just peel away the cup as it melts.  This can be a little messy, so just be ready. Epsom salt bath. Since I don't take baths, I don't know about this one first hand.
Some of the trainers I have worked with swear by this one though. Just spread the salts out evenly, let the water get hot, soak yourself until you are medium well.

20 Reasons to join the last camp of 2010

1. You like your current workout, but you don't like it, like it.

Hefty, hefty, hefty.

  2. You survived the freshman 15, but now tis the season for the Holiday Hefties. 3. You are a mullet connoisseur.

This picture actually happened. It was 1991! That's practically the 80's man! Get off my party in the back.

  4. You want to be ready to dominate your New Year's Resolution. 5. Macy's keeps leaving messages about you being in some parade with a really long string attached. 6. You are sick of having no strength, no energy, and no fun in your life. 7. You'll get a long sleeve shirt this time dude! 8. You've never experienced the pure joy and exhilaration of wacky jacks before the sun comes up.

Even wackier than this sign

  9. Kids keep sitting on your lap telling you what they want for Christmas. 10. I will pay you $180,000 to come to camp.

Worth every penny

  11. You've never seen a MistleJoe Tree. 12. Holidays=stress, weight gain, and depression  Boot camp=stress busting, weight loss, and mood lifting endorphins 13. Surprises! 14. You like the cut of my jib. 15. What else are doing that early in the morning? Sleeping? Why sleep when you could be up being awesome? 16. I will teach you how to Dougie. 17. It's the number one fitness trend for 2011. Be ahead of the curve. 18.

You need no words for #18

        19. Free haircuts (one style only)

Line up ladies! Won't cost a thing.

  20. One guarantee. No one cares more and wants more for his campers than I do. Ask around.

Metabolic tire circuit

Do each exercise for 30 seconds each (on both sides when needed), rest 1 minute (or more depending on fitness (more…)

Awards, male pregnancy, and tales of a gift to come


Lord help us

It's all over! 4 weeks of fun, fat loss, freezing, and fridge cleaning. Congrats to Shannon "Gnat" McNatt for winning the Boot Camp Bring It Award. Shannon has overcome a lot, works super hard all the time, smiles occasionally, and does better than any 2 foot tall person I have ever seen. Awesome job Shannon! Also the winners of the I Drove Really Far Awards were Andrea "No Longer Even a Resident of This State I Live So Far Away" Maddox, Cathy "I can't believe Charlotte talked me into this" Borden and Charlotte "Spirit Fingers" Allen who leave the house the night before to get to camp on time. I think they live in Maine, not sure. That's really cool when people drive that far to see little old me. Thanks to all of you. Another congrats goes to Angie for running a 7:45 mile. Smoking! There is a reason women were chosen to be the ones who give birth, you guys are tough. The human race would cease to exist if you left it up to a bunch of dudes. I can't imagine opening the sports sections and looking at the NFL injured player list and seeing Brett Favre-Out for the year (fetus) I literally just shuddered. Pretty sure I had a point there... oh yes! You all. Tough. Right. I know how busy you all are and money is tight for most, so to make that sacrifice of time and money means a lot to me. It's a good sign though! You're doing something for you and I really think it can make the rest of your life better. I feel like a proud father every time I see a perfect pushup or a flawless squat. I feel really proud when someone gets a personal best. You should be really proud. This is the time of year when things start to go bad for a lot of people. They get even busier, more sicknesses occur, it's harder to get moving when it's cold outside, etc... Self care (for women especially) takes a big hit. Exercise programs take a back seat. "Well I will get started on that nutrition program after the holidays. Why start now?" Next thing you know you're in that same familiar cycle of lethargy and weight gain. No more. You know you can do this now! Don't ever go back. As a token of my appreciation to all my loyal readers and boot campers I will be sending you a little something to help negotiate the holidays successfully. A holiday survival guide if you will. How much does this cost you? $49.95? $29.95 ? $9.95? No! You get it for free! You know why? Because you are helping me live my dream and I can't do enough to thank you for that. On that note, I am accepting applications for BFFs. Put yours in today. So let's keep it going! We will take all of next week off (except for the all new and spectacular Thanksgiving Day family boot camp. 8:30 AM Thanksgiving morning. Be there or face not being at an acceptable level of coolness) and start back the following Monday November 29th. It is 3 weeks long and I will guarantee it is the best boot camp at 5:30 in the morning at Weatherly Elementary School. So don't forget your assessments and don't forget to do your evaluations. If you don't do both your assessments and your evaluations you owe me 50 burpees on a bed of nails.

Summer of George. He was onto a way to eat healthier on the cheap.


Summer of George!

First of all, do you remember when someone came and took pictures of us at camp? Turns out she was Al-Queda! Oh wait, no she is actually a writer and here is the article she wrote about the camp. Did you make it in the picture? Did I? Tune in to find out!
Casino Day is a good time had by all. If you don't love giant dice, then I don't think I know who you are anymore. We had Poker (a special 1 or 2 card draw game that is super popular in Vegas, surprised you've never heard of it) where your card tells you to do crown presses, kettlebell swings, hill sprints, curtsey squats, etc... Shuttle Run that used to involve poker chips until I lost them. Craps with the giant dice that has reps and exercises on each side. Blackjack, do 21 of whatever exercise you want. We actually had a group CHOOSE to do wacky jacks! Inconceivable! And slot machines where you pull down on the "handles" and hold a squat. Lot of running out there this morning. Some of it was even done by your feet. Think about it for a second. Got it? Good! Just 2 more days. 2 more days! Always finish strong!
Pull Day is tomorrow. You're gonna pull stuff and you're gonna like it.
It's pretty often you hear that eating healthy is SO much more expensive. Well yeah and buying clothes at Stuckey's (sorry first thing that popped in my head, surely they have t-shirts or something) is a lot cheaper because the material they use isn't the same quality other places use. If you are buying food that is in boxes and can stay on a shelf for months, if not years, then of course it is cheaper. Also, you are paying for convenience. Do you ever compare how much things cost per ounce? If you buy a fruit salad it will cost you a ton more than if you buy the fruit and cut it up yourself. Buying a bag of salad? You are paying nearly 3 times as much as it would cost for you to buy ahead of lettuce and do the work yourself. Also, buying frozen fruits and vegetables is an economic way that also eliminates the "What is that black stuff in the crisper? I don't remember buying tomatoes? Ooooh now I do, that was 3 months ago." situation. Hot cereal (oatmeal, steel cut oats, etc..) will save you a ton of money because you don't have to pay for that stinkin tiger on the front with his wee beady eyes. Save money on your Greek yogurt by getting the plain kind in a big tub. Throw some fruit in there, mix it up, and you're good to go. Or use plain Greek yogurt in place of sour cream, you won't know the difference. The key word there is PLAIN Greek yogurt. Cheese isn't exactly the BEST thing for you, but as long as you're not eating it Costanza block of cheese the size of a car battery you should be good. Buy your cheeses in block form rather than pre-sliced. Protein. That's where they getcha. Do you know what the cheapest source of protein is? Eating your children. Wait, what? I had a Mike Tyson moment. I'm full of pop culture today. Beans! Especially if you buy  a bag of dried beans which are healthier anyway. Eggs, peanut butter, nuts are all fairly inexpensive. Extra lean ground beef costs more, but you also get more meat after you cook it because it isn't packed full of the same amount of fat. If you can find a frozen bag of chicken that doesn't have more steroids than the cast of Over the Top buy it. Thaw out your chicken, place the breasts in the Crock Pot, dump in a can of (rinsed) black beans, pour some salsa over the top of that, turn it on low for 6-8 hours and you can eat like a champ for cheap. So you've been reading the food labels, start reading the price per ounce now.

Foam roller techniques to reduce stiff and sore muscles


Foam rolling is one of the best things you can do to avoid feeling stiff (more…)

Sports Day and 19 foods to always have on hand

Sports Day was held inside to keep the screams away from the neighbors. And even better, we only had about 1/3 of the gym to work with. No worries, I am a master of my craft. We played hockey, rowed, canoed, swam, played basketball, raced horses (a crowd favorite), did football agility drills, and did some archery all in the comfort of our rain free gym. Then the last thing we did was a belly blasting (not to be confused with the 21 Day Belly Blast nutrition program) core workout. Great job by you all today, the inside is not the most fun but you put in work today! We should be outside for the remainder of camp, so maybe we can put those sweet gloves to use! If you haven't been this week, I got you all some gloves so don't forget to grab them when you come.
Casino Day will be tomorrow. Gambling, cigars, drinks on the house it's gonna be awesome! You will never know how awesome unless you make plans to attend. There will be Blackjack, Poker, slot machines, craps, all the big games will be there so you should too. We got 3 days left you got this!
My hero Dr. Chris Mohr has another good tip for you. Here is his list of the 19 foods you should always have on hand.
  1. Raw Nuts — almonds, pistachios, walnuts, pecans
  2. Tea
  3. Canned salmon
  4. Nut butters (almond, peanut butter, etc)
  5. Rolled oats
  6. Olive oil
  7. Spices to flavor foods without sugar, calories, or fat
  8. Beans — all types
  9. Wild fish (salmon is a favorite)
  10. Free range eggs
  11. Fruit (all types)
  12. Veggies (all types)
  13. Brown rice
  14. Sweet potatoes
  15. Avocados
  16. Frozen fruit (great for smoothies)
  17. 100% grass fed beef
  18. Free range chicken
  19. Herbs to flavor foods without sugar, calories, or fat (but loads of nutrients instead)
That list is made entirely of lean proteins, good carbs, healthy fats, and for the most part is very easy to prepare. The more you set yourself up for success the better you do. How many times have you some home, looked for something to eat, found nothing prepared, and ate some crackers/cookies/Little Debbie type stuff that is handy and easy? Probably pretty often. Have cut up vegetables, fruits like bananas, grapes, and apples, nuts, etc... that will help you from grabbing those other items. Convenience drives choice more often than taste when you get in a hurry.

Crane kicks and helping the homeless



Violence and Balance, where would the world be without it? People would be falling all over the place and not punching each other. That is not the world I want my child to grow up in. We started with balance by drawing shapes standing on one leg and running sprints. Alcohol and fatty foods dominated the shape drawing. I can almost say without a doubt I'm the only boot camp instructor that makes his campers draw things like chicken legs, biscuits, and martinis. Or 40's and caviar on crackers. We moved onto one leg reaches, single leg deadlifts, and rear foot elevated squats. Then some violence broke out. Jabs, hooks, Angie having a dazed and confused look on her face, uppercuts, knees, side kicks, front kicks, We even had crane kicks Daniel San style today. The ultimate combo of violence and balance. The great thing about balance and violence, the more you work on it the better you get at it. So I hope you all came home, kicked in the front door, and demanded breakfast. Even if you live alone. It's the thought that counts.
Sports Day is tomorrow! I really hope it doesn't rain because my sports will be really limited inside. Can you say suicides for 45 minutes? So hold all rain dances to a minimum, unless you enjoy the pain. Some of you actually do, so get those dancing shoes out and polished.
I got a lot of nice feedback from my crazy writing last week, but this one is on the other end of spectrum. Feeling good physically is awesome, but so is feeling good emotionally. The best way to get that feeling, in my opinion, is helping someone else. Another thing we talked about is looking around and realizing how good we all have it. Keeping those two things in mind, I want to invite you to participate in an event my church is having to benefit the homeless. This coming Saturday November 20th from 8-Noon at Latham United Methodist Church there will be a church wide yard sale. All the proceeds will benefit First Stop, an agency that assists the homeless in our community. So where do you come in? Come shopping! Forget Black Friday, this is Salmon Pink Saturday! Who cares if that doesn't make sense? There will be tons of bargains, very nice people to help you (unless I'm working), it is indoors to keep your hair to a manageable level, and your money will go towards good and not to some corporate CEO who wears baby seal slippers and puppy skin pajamas. Or if you have something you would like to donate that is cool too. I can't imagine being homeless at any time, but especially this time of year so I really appreciate your help. Have a great day!

Tips for eating on the road and on the run


What the fast food icons really look like now

I know a lot of you are busy and tend to eat out a lot because you are on the road or in a hurry. It is pretty tough, but you have to learn how to eat better away from your safe kitchen. If only you had some handsome, pale man to show you the way. Oh, wait you do!   So here are a few tips for eating out and eating on the run. Some more obvious than others, but the whole point is to get you thinking about what you put into your body:   -Look for foods that have baked, braised, grilled, broiled, poached, roasted, steamed. Those tend to be the better options. -Avoid anything with fried, creamed, buttered, crispy, buttered in the title -Replace fries with baked potato or better yet a sweet potato when possible. wendy's now has sweet potatoes -Get wheat or rye when possible, avoid white breads -At Subway? Pile on as many veggies as possible -Hold that mayo! Mayo is the devil's doing in taste and in fat. If you HAVE to have it, get it on the side and use it sparingly. That goes for any other high calorie sides like dressings, get them on the side. -Order a soup or salad and eat that before your meal -Pretty obvious, but stay away from buffets -At a Mexican place get the fajitas, it is lean protein and veggies. Stay away from the chips and go easy on the sour cream, at least guacamole has good fat in it -Chinese? Stir fry is good -Taziki's, a Greek place on Whitesburg has some healthy and delicious options for you local peeps -At McDonald's? You're screwed. -In the morning, steel cut oats, almond butter on Ezekiel bread/spelt bread, or a smoothie are all quick, filling, have fiber, and protein -Pack some fruits, nuts, and veggies to have with you for "emergencies" -Bring a protein shaker with a scoop of protein in it, just add water, shake it up, and there you go -Drink water not colas or sweet teas -Go by Earth Fare or Fresh Market for some healthier pre-made food options   You're working too hard to throw away all your hard work on crappy food! For the most part it is just a matter of consciously making the smarter decision.   Everybody knows grilled is better than fried, but fried just tastes better so more people get it.   How bad do you want it? You can't keep eating the same foods and get different results.
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