Just in case you wanted to follow along with my boot campers, I am going to start putting out the e-mails they get every day, so you can see how awesome they all do. My boot campers are the best baby!   Hurricanes were today and as always they rocked the house. Fanny and Brandy both made their debuts today and did an awesome job. Stephanie and Alicia both made their comebacks this camp from sick kids and Alaska respectively. And me, well you know my wallet has BMF on it. Great job today everybody. Really good energy for the day after Halloween and coming down off of Sugar Mountain. Hurricanes are 8 stations, 4 exercises per station, each exercise is 45 seconds unless I am in the middle of a conversation about the dental effects of peanut brittle. For the record, the effect is devastating. Stay away. Heidi and Stacy C get points taken off for skipping the cool down. Don't come crying to me when you are in the pain cave tomorrow because you didn't stretch and treat your muscles with the love and respect they deserve. Speed and Agility is tomorrow. There will be fancy footwork, there will be running (or jogging, or walking or crawling), and there will be the Word of the Day coming back tomorrow. Please try to not stay up all night with excitement. If you've never experienced the Word of the Day it is awesome! Well it entertains me anyway. So speed and agility. You will look like pre-homicidal OJ Simpson running through the airport in that commercial from years ago after tomorrow. Youtube it if you've never seen it.
Health magazine found that women who lost weight had these traits in common:
1. They work out first thing in the morning
No wonder you all look so buff! Get it done before your day dictates what you have to do.
2. They eat real meals
They didn't skip meals either. The majority had tried that and it came back to haunt them. You gotta have those small, frequent meals made up of whole, natural, unprocessed foods. Eat a lean protein with every meal.
3. One diet doesn't fit all
They were successful with all sorts of ways (21 day Belly Blast ;), calorie counting, portion control). There is no one way that works for everybody. Focus on eating whole, real foods and steer clear of processed foods. You may have heard that before
4. They love to race
Just having a goal besides weight loss pushed them to train that much harder. Maybe look at trying a 5K, a bike race, sack race (that one time anyway, but that got a little ugly), the Warrior Dash that I want to do next year,  whatever.
5. They talk. A lot
No wonder Charlotte is in such good shape. They talk about their success, how they got there, they share tips and tricks with others. The bottom line is they have someone to keep them accountable and to help them along. So if you find something that has helped you in the past, don't be afraid to share with others. It feels great to help others and it will inspire you to better yourself