Lord help us

It's all over! 4 weeks of fun, fat loss, freezing, and fridge cleaning. Congrats to Shannon "Gnat" McNatt for winning the Boot Camp Bring It Award. Shannon has overcome a lot, works super hard all the time, smiles occasionally, and does better than any 2 foot tall person I have ever seen. Awesome job Shannon! Also the winners of the I Drove Really Far Awards were Andrea "No Longer Even a Resident of This State I Live So Far Away" Maddox, Cathy "I can't believe Charlotte talked me into this" Borden and Charlotte "Spirit Fingers" Allen who leave the house the night before to get to camp on time. I think they live in Maine, not sure. That's really cool when people drive that far to see little old me. Thanks to all of you. Another congrats goes to Angie for running a 7:45 mile. Smoking! There is a reason women were chosen to be the ones who give birth, you guys are tough. The human race would cease to exist if you left it up to a bunch of dudes. I can't imagine opening the sports sections and looking at the NFL injured player list and seeing Brett Favre-Out for the year (fetus) I literally just shuddered. Pretty sure I had a point there... oh yes! You all. Tough. Right. I know how busy you all are and money is tight for most, so to make that sacrifice of time and money means a lot to me. It's a good sign though! You're doing something for you and I really think it can make the rest of your life better. I feel like a proud father every time I see a perfect pushup or a flawless squat. I feel really proud when someone gets a personal best. You should be really proud. This is the time of year when things start to go bad for a lot of people. They get even busier, more sicknesses occur, it's harder to get moving when it's cold outside, etc... Self care (for women especially) takes a big hit. Exercise programs take a back seat. "Well I will get started on that nutrition program after the holidays. Why start now?" Next thing you know you're in that same familiar cycle of lethargy and weight gain. No more. You know you can do this now! Don't ever go back. As a token of my appreciation to all my loyal readers and boot campers I will be sending you a little something to help negotiate the holidays successfully. A holiday survival guide if you will. How much does this cost you? $49.95? $29.95 ? $9.95? No! You get it for free! You know why? Because you are helping me live my dream and I can't do enough to thank you for that. On that note, I am accepting applications for BFFs. Put yours in today. So let's keep it going! We will take all of next week off (except for the all new and spectacular Thanksgiving Day family boot camp. 8:30 AM Thanksgiving morning. Be there or face not being at an acceptable level of coolness) and start back the following Monday November 29th. It is 3 weeks long and I will guarantee it is the best boot camp at 5:30 in the morning at Weatherly Elementary School. So don't forget your assessments and don't forget to do your evaluations. If you don't do both your assessments and your evaluations you owe me 50 burpees on a bed of nails.