Kids get it

First things first. I need your shirt sizes and the color you would like NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY. The shirts take a while to get in and this is a shorter camp so we gotta hustle here. They will be long sleeve and you actually get a choice of colors this time. Black, pink, charcoal, or purple. Also, for anyone who is not currently in boot camp (or if you just want an extra one) they are $15. Still sorting out some slogans too, so those need to be in by Wednesday as well. Eat your frog and get me your info ASAP!
Cardio and core was today. Since it was raining like L'il Wayne on an outing, we were inside today. Four corners were used. 2 were cardio and 2 were core. We had medicine balls too! Did some med ball slams, wacky jacks, pot stirs, side planks, and a ton of other things besides burpees. I'm taking a poll. How many got up this morning, saw the weather and went back to bed? I'm guessing 5, maybe 6. Happens to the best of us, not me of course, but it happens.
Upper Body Buffness will be tomorrow. There is a movement these days in the fitness world. You know what it is? It's a motto called "Strong is the New Skinny". Isn't that awesome! I know 80% of you are scale slaves, but being strong, fit, and ripped is much cooler. Trust me, I know stuff. So come get with the times, all the cool kids are doing it.
Do you ever just have one of those days? One of those days where you're just not feeling it? Man I had one yesterday. Just feeling run down, sick, tired, don't want to do anything kind of days. If you have kids, have you noticed the less energy you have the more they have? My son was off the chain yesterday! He inspired my e-mail today because I have always tried to have a "Leave it at the door policy." I want boot camp to be a place you look forward to coming to, not this place you go to get in shape. No matter what is going on in my life outside of camp, when 5:30 hits (or 5:40 for Donna) nothing else matters. I owe you the best and that's what you will get. If you have similar days like this here are some ways to snap yourself out of having a bad day.
1. Be around enthusiastic people. That's where my son comes in. He was so excited yesterday and he was going to the doctor to get a shot! The nurse came in and he literally started chanting "I want a shot! I want a shot!" Even AFTER the shot he was telling everyone how much he loves shots. It's hard to be grumpy when you're around a great attitude.
2. Look for a reason, not an excuse. There are TONS of excuses out there, especially this time of year. Looking for an excuse is the easy way out, looking for a reason takes a little harder work. My thing is I could have looked at my day at 4:30 like "Woe is me, I have to teach boot camp. It's cold, dark, rainy, and I don't feel good. Then I have to take the energy ball to the doctor, and then work until 8 at night. Waaaaaah." I prefer to look at it a little different. Those are all opportunities that a lot of other people would love to have. Making a difference in people's lives and spending time with my son is hard to beat.
3. Exercise. Normally when I'm in a funk I can get a workout in and feel like a new person. I jogged after my son while he rode his bike today. Pretty sure I coughed up a lung in English Village if any of you happen to see it.  Non-smoker pink in color, larger than average, answers to the name Gusty. People stop exercising when they get stressed and busy this time of year, but this is when it is the most important time!
4. Ask yourself a favorite question of mine. Is it really that bad? Are you dying? Are you homeless? Are you an indentured servant? A serf perhaps? Are you an Alabama fan? No? Then you're fine! This too shall pass. Just like Cam Newton when you commit all your guys to stopping the run. Too soon? Sorry.
5. Drink. Wait, what? Strike that from the record.
The main thing is to not get down, don't let yourself of the hook, and get back in the game.