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Huntsville’s #1 boot camp instructor gives you a few tips for a better 2011

0 Joe Martin, boot camp instructor for Huntsville's best boot camp Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp For Women, describes a few (more…)

Who's ready to fit into their skinny jeans?

Time to get into those skinny jeans!
What's up party people? I hope you are all doing half as good as I am. I look spectacular, feel fantabulous, and I have been singing like a canary. If that canary was slowly dying from cave gas. Are you ready for a contest?  I am calling it the Get Your Jeans Back Challenge. Sign up for the January and February camps and you get the 21 Day Belly Blast thrown in as a bonus. So what's the deal with the jeans? You will find a pair of jeans or pants that are 2 sizes too small (we all have them). Go through the 2 camps, do the Belly Blast for the last 21 days, and at the end you try the jeans on. When you fit back into them (And you WILL fit back into them) you get $50 off a future camp. Finally you can wear those Jordache jeans you have been holding onto since 1991!

Four Corner Cardio Workout

If you don't have a garage I hope you at least have a warehouse or a barn loft or whatever Kevin Bacon was using in Footloose. Similar to as seen on TV workout!  (Side note- I once bought my mom a gift that was labeled "Similar To As Seen On TV"). Didn't have the cash for the As Seen On TV gifts.
Each corner will have its own exercise and then the middle will be an exercise as well. So here is how to set it up.
Corner 1-Jumping jacks
Corner 2-Cross country ski
Corner 3-Punches
Corner 4-High knees in place
Middle-Jump ropes (or the invisible jump rope)
You do 60 seconds in corner 1, go to 30 seconds in the middle, 60 seconds in corner 2, 30 seconds in the middle, 60 seconds in corner 3, 30 seconds in the middle, 60 seconds corner 4, 30 seconds in the middle. Go as hard as you can on every exercise, the whole circuit will take you 6 minutes. Then rest for 2 minutes. Repeat the circuit 2 more times for a total of 3 times all the way through. The whole workout will take 22 minutes and it can be hard (or easy) as you make it.

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10 Minute Workout you can do anywhere. Even jail…


If doing burpees is wrong I don't wanna be right

  The holidays are a tough time to keep up with your exercise program. The main barriers to workouts this time a year are: time, equipment, and freedom. This workout solves most of that. The link below has a 10 minute workout you can do at home, on the road, or in the graybar motel. I just poured out a little egg nog for everybody on lockdown. You will do every station for 1 minute and then go through the whole circuit one more time.

How fast can you do it?

The Home Boot Camp Workout! Here is our Personal Challenge Day workout. Do it as fast you can using correct form on everything. What's your best time? 50 pushups 50 bodyweight squats
50 dumbbell shoulder presses
50 jumping jacks
10 mat laps (with an exercise mat, start at the bottom, run to the top, shuffle over, backpedal, shuffle back to beginning, that's one lap)
30 straight leg situps
30 burpees
50 flutter kicks
30 jump squats
50 side kicks (alternate sides as you go)

The Wind Beneath My Wings

Yep. There she is.
Since we have come to the end of another boot camp and almost to the end of another year. This is a tough time of year to stay in shape. If you're not sick now, you probably already have been, there are parties full of fried and sugary foods every day, lots of opportunities to have multiple alcoholic  and calorie packed drinks, free time is spent shopping and wrapping rather than exercising, lots of travel where everything just goes to pot (belly). And women have it much worse than men.  So this is the time you need to get mentally and physically tougher. Get selfish, not mean in case my wife is reading this, but selfish with your ME time. Set aside a block of at least 20-30 minutes every day to take care of you. I will be sending you out some workouts you can do with little to no equipment that will take you 30 minutes or less. Along the way, whatever questions or help you need I'm here. We will have a workout on Christmas Eve, just like we had on Thanksgiving Day, to whet your boot camp appetite. It will be the same format. It will be for men, women, and children ages 12 and up. 8:30-9:30 AM at Weatherly (unless there is bad weather) and it will be $15 for the whole family, not $15 per person. You can register here if you are interested
So don't be shy, send whatever help you need or questions you have. I want to thank you for all of you who read these e-mails that make my wife cringe and my mom shake her head. For all of you that have put up with me at boot camp. I really appreciate all the feedback you send because I put a lot into these e-mails and to know they are helping you means the world to me. So as a thank you, I want to be your fitness resource. The one who answers your questions when Google gives you 3000 different answers and you come away more confused than when you started. Basically I'm saying I want to be the wind beneath your wings for being the wind beneath my wings ok? In fact I wrote a little poem for you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank God for you. The wind. Beneath my wings. (author's note-if you don't know that song let's just pretend this whole thing never happened). Just send me an e-mail at and I will help any way I can.
So have a great day and I will be in touch soon!

Have you got the blues?


Classic case of low Vitamin D and a classic case of too much Vitamin C in the little fellas

Have you noticed yourself feeling any of the following lately? Boredom, restlessness Lethargy, feelings of fatigue Irritability and a feeling of being cooped up or “stir crazy” Trouble concentrating Sweet cravings, overeating I'm a genius huh? How did I know? I know because I myself have been feeling many of the same things. You probably have a case of the winter blues. The combination of really cold weather driving you inside and not getting sunlight causes your Vitamin D levels to go down. A rough estimate by experts puts the number of people who suffer from this at a quarter of a million. Now part of these feelings can come from having a cold or your sinuses being messed up. I know I feel AWESOME when I wake up. I'm reminded of those disgusting Mucinex commercials every day. So what's the best way to snap out of it? Workout! it will help you mentally and physically better than anything else. I know most days it is probably the last thing you FEEL like doing but you will feel so much better. What about the sunlight? It is supposed to be in the 40's maybe even low 50's today. Get outside! Soak up the rays! I will probably get a sunburn. But just think how much you've been inside these past weeks. It's probably been a lot. Take advantage while you can.

How safe is your food?

Soybeans are made out of people! Out of people! If you don't know that movie, just do what you normally do and ignore me. Genetically modified foods are foods that have their genetics modified. Somebody does a heckuva job with the names of these things. Almost as good as the island of Joetopia. They modify the food by either removing or adding a gene. For instance there have been tomatoes that were altered to delay ripening. I don't know about you, but the thought of altered food makes me a little leery. Several countries have placed a 5 year hold on the use of genetically modified foods in their country and some have outright banned them. There just isn't enough information and research out there for my taste (slight pun intended). So how do you avoid genetically modified food? Here are a few things you can do.
1. If you are looking at produce look at the code on there. If it is a 4 digit code you are good (a red delicious apple is 4065, just trust me on that). If it has a 5 digit code beginning with 8 it is altered. A 5 digit code starting with 9 is organic.
2. Buy beef that is grass fed. Much of the corn that other cows are fed is altered.
3. Here are some products that are likely to have at least a portion altered or have altered food involved:
  • Corn
  • Rapeseed/Canola - Gene added/transferred to make crop more resistant to herbicide.
  • Sugar beets - Gene added/transferred to make crop more resistant to Monsanto's Roundup herbicide.
  • Cotton - engineered to produce Bt toxin. The seeds are pressed into cottonseed oil, which is a common ingredient in vegetable oil and margarine.
  • Dairy - Cows injected with GE hormone rBGH/rBST; possibly fed GM grains and hay.
  • Aspartame/AminoSweet - Addictive and dangerous artificial sweetener commonly found in chewing gum and "diet" beverages. A building block of aspartame, the amino acid phenylalanine, is usually manufactured with the aid of genetically modified E. coli bacteria. This process has been used industrially in the USA for many years.
  • Papayas
  • Farm Raised Salmon
  • 4. Buy 100% organic to be guaranteed it is not altered.
    Just like processed foods, they are not making these foods with your health in mind. They are making these to make money. There are possible positives to them, but until they are studied more thoroughly I would recommend avoiding them wherever and whenever possible.

    Health headlines you probably missed and some homework

    -A lady became the first to give birth in an MRI machine
    -A woman who had a baby at 66 years old, wants to have another one. The baby she had then is now 6 years old. Do that math on that one.
    -Weight watchers has changed their point system to reflect that the source of calories does matter. For instance, a 100 calorie apple is still zero points, while 100 calories of chips will count as points.
    -Studies have found it is harder to lose weight if you are depressed. The depression leads to more inactivity and increased  binge eating. Not exactly a shocker, but if you are depressed GET HELP! Seriously man.
    -Over half of Europeans are overweight or obese, with the UK leading the way. McDonald's is the diseased blanket we gave the Indians of today.
    -Kids who are given less sugary cereals will eat more fresh fruits. Less Captain Crunch, More Apples To Munch! That's just my headline, I could work for a newspaper. Oh wait...
    -Uh oh. Drinking less booze, not eating more vegetables is the key to cutting cancer risk
    -Obesity in women leads to osteoporosis
    -A large study found that more proteins and less refined carbs best way to keep weight off
    -The majority of Americans will have diabetes or pre-diabetes by 2020 and it is is going to cost a TON. Thank goodness I will be so rich I will be living on my own island by then. You are all invited to vacation at Joetopia.
    -Low Blood Levels Of Vitamin D Linked To Chubbier Kids, Faster Weight Gain -Drinking sugary drinks leads to diabetes and metabolic syndrome (an elevated waist circumference, high triglyceride blood levels, low HDL (good) cholesterol elevated blood pressure, and elevated fasting glucose blood levels are all in the metabolic syndrome family).
    -Persistent exposure to light at night may lead to weight gain, even without changing physical activity or eating more food. In mice that is. The researchers think it is because it leads to more late night eating and messes up the metabolism. I think it's from buying food related stuff off late night TV. Have you seen the perfect brownie thing? I mean perfect brownies EVERY TIME! DUDE! SANTA!
    -Lack of sleep can make dieters lose muscle, not fat.
    -The countries in the world with the highest obesity rates are (in order) USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland.
    Can you figure out what 6 out of those 7 have in common? Once you get that figured out, why do you think that contributes to obesity?
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