Wackiest fruit ever

Pull Day indoors called for some drastic measures. That's right, I actually had to exercise this morning. We couldn't have had ONE more person today? Come on! I was forced to do the wall sit rows AND the wall sit chariots. Not cool. My shoelaces were all undone, my hair was a mess, and my shirt got slightly creased by the band. Tough times for me. I could barely teach the class after that, but I found a way to soldier on. Just in case you had not heard, the "Suck it up princess this is boot camp" slogan won with the "Huntsville's Best Happy Hour" in second place. Thanks to all who participated. Good to know someone actually reads this stuff.
Personal Challenge Day is tomorrow. What does that mean to you? All I can tell you is that you will have 20 minutes to do as much of something as you can. Vague enough? Aren't you intrigued? Then come check it out! We will get a thorough warm-up, do our 20 minutes, and then we will have some more fun afterwards. It's Friday, you ain't got stuff to do. I'ma get you buff that day.
Are you in the market for a new fruit to try? You should always eat fruits that are in season (Otherwise how did that fruit get here? Is that a bionic fruit? You never know man.) And do you know what wonderful fruit is in season? Do you read the title of these e-mails? Pomegranates! They have been proven to help with everything from muscle recovery to arthritis to Type II Diabetes. Also, they have been proven to have the highest level of antioxidants when compared to other known high antioxidant fruits such as the acai berry,blueberry, cherry, and concord grape. Now I tell you this to get you to try a new fruit that can help you, it IS NOT some sort of magic medicine like people claim acai berry and others to be. If you've never eaten a pomegranate they are a little strange. you crack them open and eat the seeds. The seeds look like tiny red pearls. Watch out when you are cutting them open that red juice can stain fairly easily.