Stay away from lasagne

Personal challenge day went great! You had your game faces on! You had 20 minutes to get as far through the list as possible. There were pushups, burpees, presses, mat laps, squats, jumping jacks, straight leg situps, flutter kicks, jump squats, and side kicks. Everybody finished! Gaylene even created her own cheering section! We will check your progress on the last day and see how much you improve your time. After the big challenge we moved onto some more full body fun to get you read for the weekend.
The official Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp weekend success plan (patent pending)
1. Get 30 minutes of fun activity on Saturday and Sunday. Not a formal workout, just something to keep you active and moving.
2. Make better bad choices. Don't eat a whole pizza and drink a pitcher of Budweiser. Have the slice of pizza, a salad, and a Bud 55 for example. Big difference in calories. You didn't do awesome, but it could have been a whole lot worse.
3. Get it right 80% of the time. The weekends are when things get tough for nutrition. You are off of the normal schedule, more free time to graze and snack, more chances to go out to eat, etc... Shoot for an 80% success rate and you'll be doing great.
I hope you have a great weekend,come back well rested, and ready to get to work on Monday. I will send out the next week's schedule on Sunday. See you then!