So here is what I need from you my loyal friends. I need any excuse you've ever used to skip out on a workout. Weird, funny, serious, doesn't matter. Just an excuse you've used before. It could be from years ago or from today. I'm looking at you "Person who shall remain nameless". So send them all in, no excuse too big or too small!
Are you getting enough vitamin E? Well are you? Why not? What is wrong with you? Some people claim it has magical powers. I'm not going that far, but it is very important. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that has several health benefits such as: healthier skin, healthier heart, prevention of scar tissue build up, assists in fighting infection, and now researchers have found one I need to pay attention to. It can help protect your brain. I need all the help I can get there. The study found that people who took in 19 milligrams were 25% less likely to develop dementia as they got older. So what are some good sources of Vitamin E?
Spinach. Green smoothie anyone 😉
Green leafy vegetables
Peanut butter or peanuts
Wheat germ
Sweet potato
Sunflower oil
You can also take a Vitamin E supplement, but it is always better to get it from a natural food source.