Now without further review here are the actual excuses people have used for past programs and for boot camp. I will throw in a few I have heard over the years, but the rest are all from you guys.
I did not sleep well
I like to sleep
I can't leave my warm bed
I was afraid there would be hula hooping (I put that one in this morning for those who need it)
Exercise cuts into my computer game time
Lack of motivation
I'm physically exhausted
Too cold
Too hot
Too tired
Boring (you know that ain't with me)
Headache (Do women use that for everything?)
I'm too sore (I can claim that one)
I have a cold
I have sinus problems
I'm burned out
I pulled (insert muscle)
Joe has too much fricken energy for 5:30 AM and I don't want to deal with it today!
Joe has enough energy for the both of us, so I'll let him workout today. (Are those what you call backhanded compliments?)
I'm lazy
I have no time
Baby kept me up
Drank too much
I just got home from being out
I like to let my body awaken naturally
I have woman issues (guaranteed to get you out of anything with a dude)
No pain, no pain
I ate chili last night and didn't want to blow everyone away
I ate really hot food last night, now I have the cha chas, and I'm scared to jump up and down (Those 2 came in back to back, for real)
I don't like to sweat
I make chubby look gooooooood
My workout clothes are dirty
Can't find my shoes
I've been on-line chatting with babes all day
I already have too many muscles
Too much to do
I'm hungry and I'd rather eat than workout
It takes too long to shower and do my hair afterwards (totally my problem)
I might wake up the baby/kids.
At the gym:  scared the gym equipment is not clean enough...for us OCD freaks.
And...working out next to 18 year olds is just not fair...I think they look at me like I am a out-of-shape Mom.  Which I am but that's beside the point.
I don't have the right workout clothes/gear
These really could go on all day, but I think you get the point. Look through that list. 90% of them could be overcome by doing one thing. Just showing up and getting started. The other 10% could be handled with antacids and Beano. Sickos...I go through the tired one all the time, but I very rarely miss a workout. I don't always get in there and dominate, but most of the time once I get started I get a great workout. No matter how tired, how hungry, how gassy, how whatever I am I make it work. You just have to overcome that initial thought to turn the alarm off. Just get moving! All you gotta do is show up and I will take care of the rest. Even if you just drag yourself through, it's better than sitting at home. When you're not in boot camp, just tell yourself you'll just walk on the treadmill and do a couple of machines. More times than not, you will find yourself doing a whole lot more than that. Once you break a little sweat anything is possible. And even if you just do the light workout you planned to do a little something is always better than a whole lot of nothing.