Um, don't get this. Ever.

  Do you have that person in your life that is obsessed with fitness? What are you getting them this year? If you say Shake Weight, please stop reading now. If you are still here, check out these unique gifts for the fitness fanatic in your life. iMuffs by Wi-Gear-How much time do we all waste untangling those sticking white headphones that come with the iPod? Never again! This wireless headphone product uses Blue tooth technology to eliminate the need for wires. Since they work up to 40 feet away, you just put your iPhone or iPod in your locker while you workout, put on the headphones, and go workout. Gym Boss- A perfect gift for that person that likes to do circuit training. Instead of constantly having to look at a clock or watch, just plug in the times you need, and listen for the beeps. Personal training sessions or a boot camp- Getting some advice on what to do to and/or trying something new is a great way to bust through those stubborn plateaus. (you are all so lucky) Fit deck cards-A fun way to have your own personal trainer in your back pocket. It is a deck of 50 exercises, stretches, and movements that you can use as a workout. (some of you got to see these last week) Sports massage-Especially important for the athlete and serious exerciser. Sports massages break down scar tissue, reduce soreness and injuries, increase performance, and creates better mobility in the joints. Foam roller- Often described as the “poor man’s sports massage”. It is a tube of hard foam that you roll your muscles on to get many of the benefits you get from a sports massage. Sleeptracker Pro- This is a gift for the morning exerciser who wants to wake up feeling refreshed. You set a window of time when you would like to be awakened, it monitors your sleep cycle, and wakes you up when you are at your most alert. The right shoes- Has the runner in your life been properly fitted for shoes? Not by a dude in a referee jersey, but a professional. It is absolutely critical that they do. Go to Fleet Feet or 1st Place Athletics for the best people in town. TRX straps- This contraption allows you to perform hundreds of exercises, can be used in the gym or outside, and gets you an efficient, total body workout. Kettlebells- The gift for someone who has been using weights and wants to try something new. The unique design makes for a real challenge to the grip and core muscles. Unless you can get free shipping, might want to look at Walmart, Target, or Dick’s for this item. (or check your local awesome boot camp)