-A lady became the first to give birth in an MRI machine
-A woman who had a baby at 66 years old, wants to have another one. The baby she had then is now 6 years old. Do that math on that one.
-Weight watchers has changed their point system to reflect that the source of calories does matter. For instance, a 100 calorie apple is still zero points, while 100 calories of chips will count as points.
-Studies have found it is harder to lose weight if you are depressed. The depression leads to more inactivity and increased  binge eating. Not exactly a shocker, but if you are depressed GET HELP! Seriously man.
-Over half of Europeans are overweight or obese, with the UK leading the way. McDonald's is the diseased blanket we gave the Indians of today.
-Kids who are given less sugary cereals will eat more fresh fruits. Less Captain Crunch, More Apples To Munch! That's just my headline, I could work for a newspaper. Oh wait...
-Uh oh. Drinking less booze, not eating more vegetables is the key to cutting cancer risk
-Obesity in women leads to osteoporosis
-A large study found that more proteins and less refined carbs best way to keep weight off
-The majority of Americans will have diabetes or pre-diabetes by 2020 and it is is going to cost a TON. Thank goodness I will be so rich I will be living on my own island by then. You are all invited to vacation at Joetopia.
-Low Blood Levels Of Vitamin D Linked To Chubbier Kids, Faster Weight Gain -Drinking sugary drinks leads to diabetes and metabolic syndrome (an elevated waist circumference, high triglyceride blood levels, low HDL (good) cholesterol elevated blood pressure, and elevated fasting glucose blood levels are all in the metabolic syndrome family).
-Persistent exposure to light at night may lead to weight gain, even without changing physical activity or eating more food. In mice that is. The researchers think it is because it leads to more late night eating and messes up the metabolism. I think it's from buying food related stuff off late night TV. Have you seen the perfect brownie thing? I mean perfect brownies EVERY TIME! DUDE! SANTA!
-Lack of sleep can make dieters lose muscle, not fat.
-The countries in the world with the highest obesity rates are (in order) USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland.
Can you figure out what 6 out of those 7 have in common? Once you get that figured out, why do you think that contributes to obesity?