Classic case of low Vitamin D and a classic case of too much Vitamin C in the little fellas

Have you noticed yourself feeling any of the following lately? Boredom, restlessness Lethargy, feelings of fatigue Irritability and a feeling of being cooped up or “stir crazy” Trouble concentrating Sweet cravings, overeating I'm a genius huh? How did I know? I know because I myself have been feeling many of the same things. You probably have a case of the winter blues. The combination of really cold weather driving you inside and not getting sunlight causes your Vitamin D levels to go down. A rough estimate by experts puts the number of people who suffer from this at a quarter of a million. Now part of these feelings can come from having a cold or your sinuses being messed up. I know I feel AWESOME when I wake up. I'm reminded of those disgusting Mucinex commercials every day. So what's the best way to snap out of it? Workout! it will help you mentally and physically better than anything else. I know most days it is probably the last thing you FEEL like doing but you will feel so much better. What about the sunlight? It is supposed to be in the 40's maybe even low 50's today. Get outside! Soak up the rays! I will probably get a sunburn. But just think how much you've been inside these past weeks. It's probably been a lot. Take advantage while you can.