Time to get into those skinny jeans!
What's up party people? I hope you are all doing half as good as I am. I look spectacular, feel fantabulous, and I have been singing like a canary. If that canary was slowly dying from cave gas. Are you ready for a contest?  I am calling it the Get Your Jeans Back Challenge. Sign up for the January and February camps and you get the 21 Day Belly Blast thrown in as a bonus. So what's the deal with the jeans? You will find a pair of jeans or pants that are 2 sizes too small (we all have them). Go through the 2 camps, do the Belly Blast for the last 21 days, and at the end you try the jeans on. When you fit back into them (And you WILL fit back into them) you get $50 off a future camp. Finally you can wear those Jordache jeans you have been holding onto since 1991!