Have you heard of Scale Back Alabama? You can red more about Scale Back at their website. It is a weight loss program that helps people lose 10 pounds over 10 weeks. You get in teams of 4 and if everybody on your team loses weight you are eligible for prizes. Well what about people like me who don't have 3 people that will hang out with them? That's where I come in. I will be a weigh-in station for Scale Back Alabama. It's totally free, all you have to do is come weigh-in this coming Saturday at Latham United Methodist Church from 9-12 in Farley Hall (where we meet indoors for boot camp if you've been before). You can win a free month of boot camp! Several other prizes as well, but that's the big prize. What about if you've already weighed in for boot camp and don't want to weight in again? Fine, be that way we can use your assessment weight you just have to let me know you want to take part in it and you're good to go. Just know that you will be subject to disapproving glances if you only lose 5 pounds, but you look awesome in 10 weeks and you're still not happy. I feel more comfortable having you under my thumb, I mean my watch rather than some scale Nazi. People with BMI's of 20 and below are not eligible. You can use this BMI calculator if you are unsure. 1 pound a week for 10 weeks is totally doable if you do it the right way.