Stay away. It's not worth taking the chance your face might look like this
There are a ton of weight loss products, claims, gadgets, etc... So what are the ways to tell that it is junk?
Other than the fact someone with a ponytail is selling it to you? Here are 5 tips:
1. Have you ever seen a product that draws a simple conclusion from some complex research? The X chromosome of the lower buttock is stimulated 87% more with The Booty Shaking Shaker than the leading competitor, therefore you will lose 48 pounds with the BSS. If it's too good to be true...
2. They promise PERMANENT weight loss without exercise. Sorry it just doesn't happen. TEMPORARY weight loss does, but to make it stick you gotta do burpees. Or some exercise.
3. Have to buy pills, potions, or other dietary supplements for the program to work. Decrease your calories, increase your exercise, don't decrease your wallet. Do you ever see commercials for products that say "Use in conjunction with a diet and exercise program"? Hmm, strange huh? Remember to go with proper nutrition, exercise, and rest before you turn to the supplements. Have you nailed all 3 yet? Use supplements as supplements to your healthy plan, not the only way.
4. Any diet that eliminates a macronutrient (protein, carbs, fat). The most simple, effective route is to get a well-balanced diet, everything in moderation, and use portion control.
5. Anything that promises rapid weight loss without effort. You know what I did to lose 10 pounds in 1 day one time? Stomach virus. Let me know if you would like a little of that.