My great grandfather
One tip today is on an inexpensive place to get New Balance shoes. Joe's New Balance Outlet (despite the name it has nothing to do with me) usually has great prices and they have free shipping from now until Feb 15 if you wear New Balance. They also have workout gear if you need any of that stuff too.
Improving your vision
Today is a pretty simple tip, but a really powerful one. It is about improving your vision. Not how good you can see, me giving advice on how to see better is like Egypt giving a symposium on crowd control. Topical humor baby! Side note-for those that don't know me I have terrible vision. I ordered my last pair of contacts through the same people that provided the lenses for the Hubble telescope. Local industry humor! Sorry, moving on. It is about improving your mental vision. One of the first things I learned when I started jujitsu is that the wherever the head goes the body will follow. In that case, it is talking about your actual head making your actual body follow it. Otherwise you have decapitation issues. I always thought of it as, wherever your mind goes your body will follow. The mind is the most important muscle to keep in shape for weight loss, endurance, strength training, etc... You want to visualize what you want to do. EXACTLY what you want to do and EXACTLY what you have to do to get there. If you want to lose fat, decide how much and how you're going to do it. Picture yourself eating the healthy meals, dominating the workouts, getting adequate rest, etc... Always think positive thoughts. It is a little to Oprahish for me, but some people I really respect have vision boards that give them a daily, visual reminder of the things they want and what they have to do to get there. Another reason I don't have one is that I quit all glue and pastes cold turkey back in the 4th grade and I still don't trust myself around the stuff. Get your head right and then follow it's lead.