Get out of there! Those croutons are gonna blow!

There are sleeper cells of food out there waiting to sabotage your weight loss plans. They live next door, some of them you have known for years, and are familiar with. Here are 3 of the more diabolical ones.
The innocent looking bagel. A white bagel from a bakery is equal to eating 5-6 pieces of bread, probably 350 or more calories, and you get absolutely no nutritional value out of them. An absolute zero toward the positive side and a big negative on the other. And that's the plain one! Imagine after you put jelly or cream cheese on it. Steer clear.
Salad toppings and dressings. A normal salad made from vegetables, lean proteins, maybe some eggs, and a little dressing is awesome. The salad I see people eat a lot, not so good. You have high calorie dressing (300+ calories) fried chicken strips (350+), cheese (225+), bacon (120+), and croutons (120+). Do that math, I can't add but I know it's more empty calories than anyone needs.
Smoothies. Smoothies can be great, but there are some out there that are terrible. Smoothie King makes a smoothie that is over 2000 calories! Dude! Come on now. Granted it is for gaining weight. And it is 40 ounces. And it is called The Hulk, so your chances of ordering that one are slim. Just know that grabbing one of these refreshing drinks could cost you a lot in calories and sugar content. There are many other smoothie places that have smoothies that are 500+ calories, I'm not just picking on Smoothie King. If you do go to a smoothie place be sure to read the nutritional info they provide. Eye opening and can help you make an informed choice. You can also make your own at the house. Get some fruit, skim milk, Greek yogurt, maybe some protein powder, ice, blend it all up, and you're done.