AS you can tell that is not me. My skin is the color of that dude's pants.

Now that Valentine's Day is over for another year, here is a workout I did on the news yesterday that you can do with your significant other for the rest of the year. (Warning I haven't been out in the sun in 13 years) Check it out Here (scroll down and look for Adventure Boot Camp) In case you didn't get all that. Here is the list of exercise Plank jacks and pushups Squats and seal jacks Jumping jacks and flutter kicks High five pushups Leg throwdowns One partner does pushups for a minute while the other partner does planks jacks. Then switch to one partner doing planks jacks while the other does pushups.  And so on and so forth. Go through all the exercises then take a break. You will end up doing every exercise 3 times. Should take around 35 minutes to do the whole workout.