Just in case you missed my glorious performance on the news yesterday here it is again. I try to learn something everywhere I go and in everything I do. So you know what I learned yesterday? Don't make a TV host do squats in fancy shoes on uneven concrete. I also got to thinking about people in TV and movies. How do they look so good so fast? Besides them having training and nutrition advantages that most people don't have, what else sets them apart. I think another big part of it is the pressure of seeing themselves on the big screen or in HD. The lady conducting the interview is named Haley Baker and she has a 6 month old baby. She looks like she's never had a child. She doesn't have a personal chef or personal assistants running around for her, but she does have the pressure of being on TV every day. Maybe that's the key. She has something else that I have seen firsthand. She has a ton of determination and will power. She works out like an animal (Note to all the women reading this-That is a compliment). Haley is willing to do what it takes in and outside of the workout to reach her goals. She is so committed to eating right, she recently pistol whipped her husband Josh for daring to eat a Happy Meal. Maybe your motivation is not to look good on camera, but you need to find that massive source of motivation that will keep you going. Imagine if you had to do a swimsuit shoot in August. Would you be eating what you are now? Would your workout look the same? Personally I would look into getting a skin transplant to protect the eyes of anyone who happened upon that masterpiece.  You don't have to go to an extreme like that, but ask yourself if you're committed or just interested in your goals (click here for a more in depth discussion about that). Your motivation drives everything you do, find what makes you go.