Always warm up before jumping. Even when wearing your clothes backwards.

The warmup is one of the most important parts of your workout. It serves a physical, as well as a mental purpose. The physical part is one you have probably heard before. You want to break a light sweat, get the muscles loosened up, and get ready to exercise. A proper warmup will increase your performance and decrease the chances of you getting hurt. So what about the mental part? That is the part most people skip. So try doing this the next time you are warming up. Use the time during your warmup to get focused in on the task at hand. Tune out all the junk at work, the stresses of home, the upcoming social schedule, and get focused on you. That is what your workout time is all about, you. Now if you're going for a run, it is a little different story. That is when I let my brain wander and think of ways to save the world. During the warmup, you still want to get that focus. Get a mental image of you performing exercises perfectly, clear your mind of the stressful things that are distracting you, and get your game face on. Getting the results you want means getting the most of out of each and every workout. So before your next workout warm up your mind along with your body