Since jogging (I believe that is a soft J) is so popular and more and more people are doing 5Ks and more, I thought I would offer a few mental running tips.
1. Pick out an item and start counting it. You can pick out something like a white hat, red shorts, knee brace, etc... and start keeping count.
2. Think about your plans after the race. How good it will feel to cross that finish line. Or maybe you have something cool planned for later in the day. Kind of like going to your happy place.
3. The invisible rope trick. Pick out someone who is ahead of you, picture that you lassoed them with a rope like Wonder Woman, and then picture they are pulling you up to where they are. Sounds crazy I know, but it works.
4. Make little mini-bets with your running partner throughout the race. I bet you can't go a little faster, I bet you can't pass that guy up there. Breaks up the monotony.
5. Or you could do things as a team. Pick out a runner who is ahead of you and decide to overtake them. I call this one the Lion vs gazelle technique because I always pick out someone who is limping a little.
6. Most importantly.  Do your best, be proud of yourself, and  have fun!