Let's look at the real reason you are in the shape you are in now. It is you. I know that sounds harsh, but it is the truth. It's because (insert excuse here)  -injury -illness -my schedule -my family -job -genetics -age -weather Any of those sound familiar? The list goes on and on. Sure they didn't help you, but they didn't cause the whole thing. They didn't make you eat all that junk and/or be sedentary for so long. Those are contributing factors, you are the root cause. I've used a few, so I know. I look back to when I was overweight and it is a wonder I wasn't bigger than I was. Splitting a 6 pack of donuts, washed down with a Mt. Dew? Yep. That's what happens when 2 lineman ride home together after football practice. Then I would eat dinner soon after getting home. I ate whenever I could and however much I could handle. Sugar, fat, salt, grease? Yes please. You need to look at yourself and the mirror and realize that it is not something keeping you from getting into better shape and losing weight RIGHT NOW. It is you. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can fix it. If you're hurt or sick, are you eating absolutely as clean as you can? Are you working around the injury or illness as best as you can? Did you do all the necessary rehab? Successful surgery without the proper rehab is worthless. Hurt your upper body, do lower body and core work. Hurt your lower body, do upper body and core work.The worst thing to be ill or injured, is your attitude. Fix your attitude and you will be surprised what you can accomplish. I'm too busy to exercise! Do you surf the Internet, watch TV, etc...? You have time, go find it. Too busy watching kids? They can either watch you workout or join in the fun. My son plays in the garage while I lift weights all the time. Exercising in front of your kids is great for both of you. You have bad genetics? That can be tough and there is nothing you can do about genetics. What you can do is bust your hump to overcome it. You may not have it as easy as some people, but that shouldn't stop you from trying. The worst reason in the world not to do something is because it is hard.  Think you're too old? Not too old to do SOMETHING. Your pace may not be as rigorous as it was back in the day, but if you have a pulse you can still have some kind of pace. A little bit of something always beats a whole lot of nothing. It's too cold/rainy/hot to exercise and you don't like to exercise indoors. Learn to dress for the weather or learn to like exercising indoors. Simple as that. Every workout may not be ideal, but neither is being overweight and out of shape. I'm saying all this for 2 reasons. -I've been there -I care. I want you all to be successful, healthy, and happy. So look deep within and have an honest look at yourself. Before you go blaming the world for the situation you're in, decide what you can do to fix it.