Getting up at 4 AM is starting to get to me

  Today is Ash Wednesday which is the start of the Lenten season for Christians. It is a time of sacrifice when a lot of people will choose to give something up. My choice this year? Coffee. This one is going to hurt. I love me some coffee. Drink it every day, with both of my breakfasts (I eat breakfast A and 4:30 and breakfast B at 7:30). I don't add any cream or sugar, just straight up coffee. So I'm not giving up coffee because I think it will help me lose weight, get in shape, or any health related reason. I'm giving it up for mental reasons. First, I believe in the practices of Lent. Second, I look forward to the challenge. Third, I think I am becoming too dependent on coffee. It is becoming like a crutch. Too busy, stayed up too late? No problem, I will just drink some coffee. Dragging a little bit? Some Joe for Joe. As it is now, making coffee is the first thing I do before I do anything else. It's becoming like a crutch and that is unacceptable.  I also want to test and see if the coffee drinking is responsible for the late afternoon run down feeling I get some times. So if you are looking to give something up anyway (fast food, smoking, drinking, etc.) why not use this time? The Lenten season is 46 days long (you don't count the Sundays and technically Sundays can be used as a "cheat day" where you can have whatever you gave up). It is much easier to picture yourself, not doing something for 46 days as opposed to never doing it again. Baby steps. So if you see me being all moody and tired looking you will know what's up. Join me in giving something up, I need the support and accountability. I will give anyone 100 dollars if they catch me drinking coffee.