Coach Stapler is a very colorful and quotable guy, just ask anyone who played for him. There are 4 main (2 odd things and 2 good things) things I remember playing for him.


The odd


1. When we got in trouble and he made us wear some tiny 1980's shorts against our rivals. These things were TINY and created incredible wedgies. Give the rival cheerleaders credit for busting out the "We wear short shorts chant".


2. Him asking me if I had been catching punts without my helmet again, after I fouled out in 2 minutes one game. It's hard to make the transition from knocking heads playing football to playing basketball. Plus that 2 minutes was just about the longest I played all year.


 And the 2 that stick with me today.


1. You always look someone in the eye when they are talking. He would threaten to pop you in the nose with the ball if you weren't looking at him while he talked.


2. You always follow through.


That last one is the topic I want to discuss. Coach Stapler was talking about finishing your shot, going after the rebound, etc... What I am talking about is finishing what you start.

Have you ever started an exercise program and not followed through with it? A nutrition program? A promise? Paperwork? Home project? We all have!


That is one of the main reasons the boot camp is 4 weeks long. I would bet that if it was an option, many of my campers would quit after the first or second week. It's hard work, it is uncomfortable, it seems impossible to make it another day.


Something magical happens when you make it to the end though. You realize you can do this. You can follow through and be successful. Proving something to yourself is a huge confidence boost.


If you have been unsuccessful in the past, I would recommend signing up for something that makes you commit to more than just one workout. Because when you do follow through it is great for the mind, body, and soul. Set your goals, get a plan, and make sure you follow through.