Let’s face it, eating healthy can get boring. So why not spice things up? Using the right spices can not only make your food more exciting but it can also give your metabolism a little boost. Here is a list of spices you should start using. Garlic-One of the sticking points for fat loss is the body holding onto toxins. Let the garlic clear out your some toxins to get you ready to lose the fat. You may lose some friends along with the fat if you don’t bring a toothbrush along with you. Ginger-A certain ginger haired man can help you lose weight, but so can the spice. Ginger gives food that Asian taste plus gives you a fat loss boost. Tumeric-Sounds like a terrible chemical, but is actually really good for you. The main way this helps is by lowering your blood sugar and cutting down on cravings. Cayenne pepper-A study found that some of the participants increased their metabolism by 25% by putting cayenne pepper on their food. The study did not say if it was due to the subjects sprinting to get something to drink or not. Cinnamon-Another good way to get rid of toxins and improve digestion. Null and void if you are getting your cinnamon through Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Black pepper-Another great metabolism booster, plus the positive sneezing side effect clears out your sinuses. Chili powder-Has a similar effect as cayenne pepper. Great for fat loss and a good way to cook thinly sliced carrots.