Illegal use of beans after workout. Loss of muscle, repeat the workout.

  If you keep up with my posts, you probably remember when we discussed that whey protein is the best thing to take in after your workout. Well smarty teeth, what if I don't want to drink a protein shake? It's like I'm in your head sometimes, I know. If you don't want to take in a protein shake and you have the time and the means there are other ways.   You want to make sure you are taking in complete proteins. A complete protein is a protein source that has all the essential amino acids. Essential amino acids will help stop the break down of muscle tissue and start the healing like Jesse Jackson. Which equals buffness, not weak and aching. So where does on get these magical elixirs? Common sources are meat, eggs, dairy, etc... Your next question, what if I'm vegetarian? The usual sources of vegetarian protein beans, grains, and nuts are incomplete proteins and won't get you the full benefit. Sources of complete protein for vegetarians include: soy, hemp, quinoa, rice protein powder, hemp protein powder, and even pea protein powder. It's a crazy world we live in when there is pea protein powder. However and wherever you get your complete proteins from, just make sure you are getting them! Not optional. If you don't take in the complete proteins your muscles will be stuck in break down mode and you will not make progress.