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You can help tornado victims

  Hope everybody out there is doing ok after the terrible storms that came through the area where many of you live. If you're like me, you were just kind of stunned when it all happened. Not knowing what to do. That time is over. It is time to act. Many of you have already begun assisting in clean up efforts, donating items, helping neighbors, etc... Some of you may be like me, wanting to help but not knowing how. So far I have one way you can help. Latham United Methodist Church in South Huntsville at 109 Weatherly Road will be a drop off point for supplies. The drop off point is in Farley Hall (the basketball court) which is on the Strong Drive side of Latham. Here is a list of what is needed most: Water, flood buckets, sun screen, tarps, UMCOR health kits, First Aid kits, non-perishable food items, diapers, bottle water (in some areas, we are currently getting a lot of water trucked in), gas-powered generators. All these can be brought to Latham. We'll get them where they are needed and carry the rest to the UM Disaster Relief warehouse in Decatur. If you have the resources, begin gathering these items today. Tomorrow (Sunday) will be a better day for dropping off items. This is the very early planning stages so stay tuned for more information.  Volunteers will be needed to receive items as well as transport. Also, I will be organizing a boot camp to collect supplies as well. There will be a boot camp for anybody who wants to come (men, women, children 12 and up). The only cost will be one of the above items to be donated. If any of you are in need or know someone who is, pass it on and I will do everything I can to help.  Thanks for all that you do. I'm blessed to have such awesome clients, friends, family, and readers. My number is 256-468-7146 and my e-mail address is if you need anything, have questions, or need to drop something off in the next few days.

Farming and fitness (plus your next challenge)


You have to read the whole thing for this to make sense

Ok which one of you people got me a tornado for my birthday? Real cool, hope you kept the receipt. Let's talk about farming and fitness. Tangent warning! Farmers are STRONG. I used to do jujitsu with a farmer. I set him up with a perfect rear naked choke (not as perverted as it sounds), but because he was so strong and powerful he had no neck to choke. Bad news for me.
Anyway, I was reading an article the other day by Mike Boyle (famous strength coach) and he made a really cool point. He said an exercise program is a lot like farming.
There are no immediate results with either. First you have to plant the seed (starting to exercise). Then fertilizer (proper nutrition) and water have to be applied consistently. Too much fertilizer (food) can cause problems as well as not having enough fertilizer. Then it seems like forever before something positive happens.
The key to farming and exercising is to never quit. You have to believe what you are doing is going to eventually pay off. It will all be worth for the day when that crop shoots out of the ground (a co-worker asks if you have lost weight).
There are no quick fixes or short cuts. You will get out of it what you put in it. If you just plant the seed but don't properly fertilize you might see results, but never reach your true potential. No amount of effort can overcome the lack of vital nutrients.
Plus overalls are awesome for farming and I predict will be the next fitness fashion trend.
For anyone just joining the newsletter, we have a series of challenges going on right now. The first was to keep a food journal. Today's challenge involves sitting. From the time you read this, you are not allowed to sit for more than 15 minutes (car rides excluded). This challenge is just for today only. Current boot campers let me know if you complete this one and you will get credit for your prize entry.
And for anyone who still wants a copy of the 7 Steps to a Slimmer Swimsuit all you have to do is get one person to join the newsletter list, then let me know they joined through you. you both get a copy and the person who refers the most wins the 21 Day Belly Blast nutrition program. Anyone on this newsletter list can opt out any time, with only slightly hard feelings.
Hope you all have a safe and wonderful day!

Do this to your fridge

So what are some ways to help keep some weight off? There are many that are mental, then some are physical. A physical way (besides running up a hill with a nice person attached to a band behind you) you can try is using pictures. Take a picture of yourself and put it on the fridge (and wherever else you tend to do the most calorie damage). Then put up a picture of someone with a body you admire. It can even be yours from back in the day, it can be someone famous, just find some pictures that will make you think twice about eating that deep fried Twinkie washing it down with a 40 ounce Budweiser. You need as much accountability as possible. My version of accountability? Having my boot camp (complete with web site and phone number) advertised on my vehicle. The most effective way to avoid going through the drive thru. Put systems in place, DO NOT rely on will power only. Will power doesn't work, systems do. 
 PS-If you would like to follow along with one of our boot campers, Kristin Scroggin is keeping a blog of her activities. She's no rookie either, she is a Communications Professor at UAH. Well worth the read. Check it out here

I Challenge YOU!


I want you! To keep a food journal.

Who is having an awesome day? Maybe it's that first cup of coffee I had in 6 weeks yesterday, but I am having a great day. I want to offer everybody out there a chance to join in the challenges I am giving my boot campers. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will be issuing challenges. Now they get the opportunity to win prizes, so I can't offer you that. I can offer you ways to improve your fitness and weight levels.  So if you would like to participate, feel free to join in. Our first challenge is to keep a food journal. I'm always talking about food journals, because they work. People underestimate how many calories they are taking in by 40%.  The rules are, if you bite in you write it. Even the BLTs (Bites, Licks, and Tastes) are included. Everything you eat or drink that has calories, you record it. You can use pen and paper, but I recommend using an on-line resource such as Just click on what you ate and it stores it for you. This is a very effective way to become more aware of what you are putting in your body. Prepare to be shocked if you've never done this before.  Good luck and I hope you can join us!

Hormones and adaptation could be why you're not losing weight


Learn how to avoid this look

For those of you who missed my article in The Huntsville Times about two things that could be stalling your weight loss, hormones and adaptation. Here is a link. For those who have been inquiring and a little bit on the fence about Prograde Nutrition products they are having a sale now on every product they offer. Here is that link. And last, but not least boot camp starts back Monday! Here is the link to get registered. I look forward to seeing you all again. If you ever have questions you want me to answer, concerns you might have or anything else don't hesitate to contact me. Hope you all have a great Easter and remember how blessed you really are. See you soon!

What does Oprah have to do with whole eggs and egg whites?


Where the original insanity workout came from. Mostly just ranting and jumping on couches.

Easter is coming up so I got to thinking about eggs and all that they have done for us. They united a country after Humpty Dumpty's unfortunate fall. They have provided children with the sheer joy of a good old-fashioned egging. People have been walking cautiously on their shells for decades. There is just so much the mighty egg has done. So why have we turned on the egg? We vilify the egg one year, only to come back the next year and say eggs are ok again. It is my belief that it is a conspiracy that flows with Oprah's weight changes. When she is big Oprah eggs are bad, when she is normal sized Oprah eggs are good. I will have to study the tapes again to make absolutely sure though. I am here to tel you once and for all that the egg is good. Nay great. How do you think it got the name the Incredible Edible Egg? Now the only thing we need to figure out is, whole egg or just the egg whites? For me, this one is easy as well. Whole egg baby! But you say that the yolk has all the fat and cholesterol. It also has all the good nutrients (13 good ones to be exact, while the egg white just has protein). Shouldn't you be concerned with the eating the cholesterol? That is the old way of thinking, these days we know that dietary cholesterol does not do much to increase your cholesterol levels. One more fact for the whole egg argument. A recent study had some participants eat 2 eggs while the other participants ate a bagel (which meant they were taking in the same amount of calories). In 8 weeks they found that the egg group had 65% great weight loss and a 34% decrease in the waistline. Note-Whole eggs do not count in chocolate or Cadbury form.

Win the Battle Against Fat Cells


Fish burps are the worst

As a fitness pro, you know I'll never promise you a pill is going to be the answer to that "jiggle in your wiggle." If you want six pack abs you're going to have to work for them. BUT... There is some very promising research out there in regards to a dietary supplement you've probably been hearing a lot about. Yes, I'm talking about Essential Fatty Acids. You probably have heard them called something like Fish Oil pills. How's this for good news?! *University of Georgia researchers have found something pretty amazing about  Essential Fatty Acid supplements containing DHA. Get this: The actually help STOP the conversion of pre-fat cells into fat cells by causing them to die out before they can mature. Once a pre-fat cell becomes a fat cell, well, there's no turning back. You've got that fat cell for life. Imagine, actually decreasing the accumulation of fat by taking an Essential Fatty Acid supplement containing DHA! Now let me do my best infomercial voice for you... But wait, there's more! Seriously, that's not the only benefit of Essential Fatty Acid supplements containing DHA. According to studies** done at the University of South Australia people that combined exercise with Essential Fatty Acid supplements containing DHA saw greater fat loss than the test group that only exercised and did not take the supplement. How can you not be excited by these research studies?? Now, personally, I don't like Fish Oil pills because they cause you to burp like crazy. If you've ever taken them you know exactly what I mean. And they aren't always the highest quality. I prefer EFA Icon from Prograde Nutrition because they use Krill Oil. It's been found to be a superior source of Essential Fatty Acids containing DHA. Plus, with EFA Icon there are NO fish burps. And I haven't even mentioned all the amazing health benefits from this dietary supplement. If you're looking to accelerate your fat loss results than I really recommend you go with Prograde Nutrition's EFA Icon. You can get it here: PPS - I am a Prograde Nutrition partner   PS - Remember, EFA Icon is NOT a miracle solution. You will need sound nutrition and exercise. BUT the research is there. It's definitely a supplement with powerful fat loss properties. Plus it is on sale right now! Click this link EFA Icon   * Journal of Nutrition, Vol. 136:2965-2969 ** American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 85:1267-1274

What do bean dip, Budweiser, and Spanx have to do with 6 pack abs?

If you've ever met me, you know that I will occasionally say crazy things. Normally that doesn't happen on TV. A couple of things just slipped out, check it out if you missed it. Click on the link below.  Joe has no control over his mouth

3 exercises for 6 pack abs

I'm going on the 4pm news on Channel 31 tomorrow to talk about 6 pack abs for summer. I wanted to give you all a preview of what I plan to talk about and a little more in depth information. First of all, you probably all are aware that you can do crunches all day long and never see one ab muscle. You have to strip away that layer of fat that covers the stomach muscles to see any definition. Proper nutrition and intense exercise is the best way. Since we are off this week from boot camp, these are also 3 exercises you can do at home to keep those core muscles tight. 1. Bicycle-ACE (American Council of Exercise) did a study of which abdominal exercises was the most effective. They found that the bicycle was the most effective, with nearly two and a half times the muscle activation as the plain old crunch. This exercise targets the rectus abdominus (aka the 6 pack muscle you think of) as well as the external obliques (love handles). To get in position to perform the bicycle, lie on your back, place both hands behind your head, feet off the ground with legs bent at 90 degrees. Next, bring your left knee towards your chin as you rotate your right elbow towards your left knee (DO NOT push on your head), and repeat side to side for the desired amount of repetitions. 2.Vacuum-This move targets the transverse abdominus which is sometimes called the corset muscle because it keeps the abdominals held in tight. Those muscles also act as back support and to help control breathing when lifting. Exhale all of the air out of your lungs, expand your chest, then suck your stomach in as far as possible. You should picture trying to pull your belly button into your spine. When you are just starting out try to hold this contraction for 20 seconds. Rest 60 seconds and then do it one more time. This move can trim inches off your waist once you get good at it. 3. Side plank-A great move for overall body strength and toning the obliques (love handles). Lay on your right side first, place your right palm on the ground, lift your hips up off the ground, and hold your body in a straight line. With your other hand, you can extend in straight out or place a hand on your hip. If this version is too hard, try the modified version. Lay on your right side, right palm on the ground, instead of your legs being straight, pull your feet behind your knees, and push your hips up in the air with the side of your knee being on the ground.  So look for me on TV today to get a live action version of the above moves. For those of you that have lives, I will post a link tomorrow. Have a great day!

A way to get in great shape and win some awesome prizes

  Happy birthday to me! Well almost anyway. My birthday AND anniversary are coming up (easiest way to remember the old anniversary is to put near the birthday). Thinking about both of those upcoming events made me realize how perfect my life is. I owe a big part of that to you guys, so I want to do something for you. The next boot camp is going to be called the Spring Challenge Boot Camp. You will have to opportunity to win several awesome prizes such as boot camp at no cost, an hour long massage at Daydreams Therapeutic Massage, a photography session with SOS photography, beauty products from Reba Johnson and Beauti Control, and more! These challenges will consist of things outside of boot camp. The challenges will increase your accountability, which in turn will enhance your results. I only have you for an hour at a time, this way I can haunt I mean stick with you even when we are not meeting. So thank you for all that you have done for my family and I. This camp is going to be a great experience and I am expecting dramatic results this time around. Your first challenge? Spread the word! If you know someone who has been on the fence about coming to camp, this is the one! Maybe you've been out of camp for awhile, time to come back. The weather is great, summer is around the corner, I have some surprises up my sleeve for you this go around, and you can win stuff. Can't beat it! Click here to see the sign up date and to get registered.  See you all soon!
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