Probably not the best source of Omega 3's

So you all know that I lead a daring, thrill a minute, don't play by the rules life. So you probably won't be surprised to learn that I was sitting around yesterday reading about fish oil pills. I'm a loner Dottie. A rebel. Name the movie that's from! Now that may not sound thrilling, but what I found out actually is pretty cool. If you are not familiar with fish oil pills (some people call them Omega 3 pills or EFA's for Essential Fatty Acids), they can be very beneficial if what you are taking is the real deal. With all the options out there, how do you know which one to choose? There are several things to look for. 1. The ingredients should have a fish you recognize in there (mackerel, salmon, sardine, etc...). Beware of the bottle that just lists "other marine life". 2. Should have a high concentration of EPA and DHA 3.   If it is the actual fish oil (as opposed to the capsules), it should taste fresh and not rotten. Sounds obvious, but there you go. 4. Should have all impurities removed through molecular distilling 5. And this is the ultimate test if you already have some fish oil. Get a Styrofoam cup, place some fish oil in there (break open a capsule or two to put in there if you have pills), place the cup on a plate, and come back in 10 minutes. If your fish oil has eaten through the cup it is not high quality. That means it will have a poor absorption rate in your body and you won't be getting the benefits the bottle says you are