If you have younger children or grandchildren, this will be important information.  A recent study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health found out something disturbing.  They found that kids who eat a lot of unhealthy fats, processed foods, and sugar can actually decrease their IQ as they get older.  On the flip side, kids who ate nutrient rich foods showed an increase in their IQs as they got older.  If you've seen how many of the kids look these days you can guess they are not eating following a good eating plan. 10 year olds drinking Red Bull (have you ever met a 10 year old that needed more energy?), sugar laden cereals for breakfast, processed meats and cheese with crackers (the old Lunchable), and other common habits are causing our kids to get fatter.  Now it appears we are making them dumber too. Parents it starts with you. YOU feed them. YOU buy the groceries. And most of all they watch what YOU eat.    Your kids will not die if they can't eat Cheetos. Kids will learn to like vegetables if that is the only option they have to eat. It is your job to find what vegetables they will eat.   Refusing to eat a meal because it is not fried macaroni and cheese with sugar on top is not going to kill them either. When you're starving, all of the sudden foods get a little better looking. The bar at 2 AM theory of dating if you will.  Eating unhealthy is a learned habit. Time to teach them how to eat healthy. And it all starts with you.  Lead from the front, set the example, and as painful as the process is you will all be better off.  Your kids are worth it and so are you