Have you ever thought that the innocent looking box in your kitchen is bad for you? If you are using it for the sole purpose of heating up Hot Pockets, I'm going to go ahead and say yes. But what about radiation? I've seen research that implies you will growing another head shortly. Other research seems to show the microwave is absolutely fine. More extensive research is being done to make an informed decision. Until then, here are a few tips to keep you safe just in case.  1. Don't heat things up in plastic containers. This is especially true if they have the numbers 3,6, or 7 on them. Have you ever looked? I'm not talking about a Dale Earnhardt container with the big number 3 on it. Plastics will have a number on there. If it has the 3,6, or 7 these have been proven to leak chemicals into food while being microwaved. 2. Make sure the microwave door is not leaking or damaged. This lets the radiation out into your house. 3. Don't stand next to the microwave while in use. Hey we all like to watch the little spinny thing heat up your food and I personally like to watch marshmallow Peeps blow up to massive levels in the microwave, but you need to stand back according to the FDA. 4. Don't heat liquids to an excessive level. Another FDA suggestion to keep you safe. The liquid can potentially erupt and cause burns. 5. Stop eating so much microwaved food! This one comes from the JOE. Think about most of the foods you are microwaving. Are they helping you reach your fitness goals? Probably not. Lean Cuisines and Healthy Choice don't count.