Here is some interesting information you might not have been aware of.  -Over half of all adults are taking supplements -90% of children and 75% of teenagers are taking supplements -Combined, that accounts for over 150 million people taking supplements That is a huge amount of people taking this stuff and I see several things wrong with that. Here are the problems I see with the majority of supplements out there. 1. Supplements are not regulated. Wouldn't that mean, companies could put whatever they wanted into a bottle and sell it to you? That's exactly what that means and exactly what happens. Companies cut corners to save a buck and you end up with an ineffective and possibly dangerous product. 2. Supplement companies and their miraculous claims. Lose 30 pounds in 2 weeks with new Loseitall! Gain 25 pounds of rock hard muscle with Meathead in a Bottle! You've seen them before. They prey on people that are looking for that magic pill and don't want to put the work in. If it's too good to be true it probably is. 3. Made entirely of artificial sources that the body can't absorb. What good taking something that your body gets nothing out of? This is why other countries say America has the most expensive urine on the planet. If your body can't use it, it is worthless. 4. They are being recommended by a kid who only reads Muscle and Fitness magazine. Some nutrition stores have very knowledgeable employees, while the majority of the ones I run into do not They have memorized a few big words that can confuse and distract someone who is unsure of what they need. Inquire what their education in nutrition is some time. Prepare to be underwhelmed. Some of their recommendations can even be hazardous to your health. 5. You don't need them! You can live a perfectly happy and healthy life without them. The Earth has everything you will ever need to achieve the body you desire. The one downfall? We are all too busy to eat properly. I saw that statistic about how many people are taking supplements and I was floored. After that I began to do research on what supplement company best fit what I believe in. That is when I came across Prograde. The more I learned, the more I liked. So now I will only recommend their products. If you already have a trusted and effective company you use, that is awesome. I just find there are so many companies out there you get bombarded with too much information. Take a look at the reasons I do not like most supplement companies again. I prefer Prograde because they basically answered all of my concerns. Check it out: 1. All of their products go through High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) testing to guarantee what they say is in the bottle is TRULY in the bottle, and does what is says it does. They also undergo a rigorous certification process to earn what is known a GMP "A" rated facility, which is a very high honor. That's a bunch of crazy words to let you know they are good quality products.They will let you "behind the scenes" of the manufacturing process. Plus, if you try out their products and find them not what Prograde said they were, they have a no questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee. Not many others will offer that. 2. They do not make ridiculous, unfounded claims. Everything they offer is research based and backed. They know that you will not make changes in your body without lifestyle changes. 3. Their products are extracted from whole food sources and not artificial sources. They've even got their own 2500 acre farm where they grow their own raw materials. Your body can better absorb their products. 4. When the company was first getting started, they had their dieticians and nutritionists test which products on the market were effective and which were a waste of money. That is why they don't offer a ton of options, just the stuff that works. Then they decided that their products would never be sold in stores to eliminate the step of their customers dealing with the kid who has a magazine subscription, but no formal knowledge of nutrition. You can do all of your research and get all of your questions answered by trained professionals.  5. I'm busy, you're busy that's just the way the world works. That is why I started using supplements in the first place. I wanted to cover the gaps that my on-the-go eating lifestyle couldn't quite perfect. If you're curious, I use their whey protein, multivitamin (this one's for men), Essential Fatty Acid (EFA), and post workout drink. I don't the whey protein or post workout drink all the time, but if I don't have time or the right foods around it makes an excellent stand in. I'm not telling you all this, so you will run out and start buying everything they have. I'm telling you this because I think you deserve to know what is out there. I will never recommend these things as more than a SUPPLEMENT, because that is what they are. The chances that you are already using one or more of these is good and I want you know about what I consider the best and most effective. Go check out the web site right here, see what you think, watch the videos, and let me know what questions you might have.