Where the original insanity workout came from. Mostly just ranting and jumping on couches.

Easter is coming up so I got to thinking about eggs and all that they have done for us. They united a country after Humpty Dumpty's unfortunate fall. They have provided children with the sheer joy of a good old-fashioned egging. People have been walking cautiously on their shells for decades. There is just so much the mighty egg has done. So why have we turned on the egg? We vilify the egg one year, only to come back the next year and say eggs are ok again. It is my belief that it is a conspiracy that flows with Oprah's weight changes. When she is big Oprah eggs are bad, when she is normal sized Oprah eggs are good. I will have to study the tapes again to make absolutely sure though. I am here to tel you once and for all that the egg is good. Nay great. How do you think it got the name the Incredible Edible Egg? Now the only thing we need to figure out is, whole egg or just the egg whites? For me, this one is easy as well. Whole egg baby! But you say that the yolk has all the fat and cholesterol. It also has all the good nutrients (13 good ones to be exact, while the egg white just has protein). Shouldn't you be concerned with the eating the cholesterol? That is the old way of thinking, these days we know that dietary cholesterol does not do much to increase your cholesterol levels. One more fact for the whole egg argument. A recent study had some participants eat 2 eggs while the other participants ate a bagel (which meant they were taking in the same amount of calories). In 8 weeks they found that the egg group had 65% great weight loss and a 34% decrease in the waistline. Note-Whole eggs do not count in chocolate or Cadbury form.