So what are some ways to help keep some weight off? There are many that are mental, then some are physical. A physical way (besides running up a hill with a nice person attached to a band behind you) you can try is using pictures. Take a picture of yourself and put it on the fridge (and wherever else you tend to do the most calorie damage). Then put up a picture of someone with a body you admire. It can even be yours from back in the day, it can be someone famous, just find some pictures that will make you think twice about eating that deep fried Twinkie washing it down with a 40 ounce Budweiser. You need as much accountability as possible. My version of accountability? Having my boot camp (complete with web site and phone number) advertised on my vehicle. The most effective way to avoid going through the drive thru. Put systems in place, DO NOT rely on will power only. Will power doesn't work, systems do. 
 PS-If you would like to follow along with one of our boot campers, Kristin Scroggin is keeping a blog of her activities. She's no rookie either, she is a Communications Professor at UAH. Well worth the read. Check it out here