You have to read the whole thing for this to make sense

Ok which one of you people got me a tornado for my birthday? Real cool, hope you kept the receipt. Let's talk about farming and fitness. Tangent warning! Farmers are STRONG. I used to do jujitsu with a farmer. I set him up with a perfect rear naked choke (not as perverted as it sounds), but because he was so strong and powerful he had no neck to choke. Bad news for me.
Anyway, I was reading an article the other day by Mike Boyle (famous strength coach) and he made a really cool point. He said an exercise program is a lot like farming.
There are no immediate results with either. First you have to plant the seed (starting to exercise). Then fertilizer (proper nutrition) and water have to be applied consistently. Too much fertilizer (food) can cause problems as well as not having enough fertilizer. Then it seems like forever before something positive happens.
The key to farming and exercising is to never quit. You have to believe what you are doing is going to eventually pay off. It will all be worth for the day when that crop shoots out of the ground (a co-worker asks if you have lost weight).
There are no quick fixes or short cuts. You will get out of it what you put in it. If you just plant the seed but don't properly fertilize you might see results, but never reach your true potential. No amount of effort can overcome the lack of vital nutrients.
Plus overalls are awesome for farming and I predict will be the next fitness fashion trend.
For anyone just joining the newsletter, we have a series of challenges going on right now. The first was to keep a food journal. Today's challenge involves sitting. From the time you read this, you are not allowed to sit for more than 15 minutes (car rides excluded). This challenge is just for today only. Current boot campers let me know if you complete this one and you will get credit for your prize entry.
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Hope you all have a safe and wonderful day!