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When acronyms go bad (

Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp is a women only fitness camp that will transform your body and life. Whether you are (more…)

When acronyms go bad


I was trying to do a list of reasons why boot camp works so well for so many people. When it happened. Right in the middle of my video. I looked at what my unintentional acronym was spelling and it totally threw me off. Most people would trash this video and never speak of it again. I'm a little different. What would you have done?

Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp. Making it easier to put on pants since 2009.

I asked my boot campers to give me 3 things that have gotten easier since they started boot camp. There were some pretty cool and funny answers. Check it out:  I can walk for an hour now at a fast pace with no problems. I can do 20 real push ups---not the girly ones. I can run again!!! I can beat my husband at almost any exercise! I don't make the old lady noise anymore when i stand or bend or squat. When i kneel to pray i dont have to rest back on my heels!! That's cool! Definite improvement in my sleep I prioritize my time better so I can go to bed earlier so I can get up at 5am I feel much better about myself and have more confidence Running (is easier)Stairs Moving (sitting, standing, transition from sitting to standing,stretching) choosing foods that are better for me pushups Staying active with my young daughter. Climbing stairs at work (depending on how hard the workout was that morning. Working out on my own. Getting up at 5:10am Lifting in general is easier. Kids, grocery bags, strollers, helping the hubs carry a couch up the stairs - all easier! I sleep easier.  Maybe I'm just more worn out?  All I know is I used to sleep very sporadically and very lightly - 4 to 5 hrs a night if I was lucky, and never all at one time, and every noise woke me up - but since my 2nd week of my very first camp I crash and stay asleep. It's the best! Running!!! My running is definitely easier since being a b-camper. My legs & core don't fatigue as quickly, which is kind of awesome bc I can hold good form longer and not get hurt. (I guess technically this one is exercise-related, but non-Bootcamp-specific) I was serious when I said I couldn't have finished our half marathon without your workouts! Staying awake in the afternoon. Motivation to walk the dog. Alertness Walking the stairs at work getting up so early in the mornings to get to boot camp  eating healthier. I sleep better and wake up an hour ahead of the alarm (what's up with that?) I have started playing with my dogs. I don't have to balance against the bed to put my sweats on!!  It is easier for me to get up earlier in the morning.  What a great time of day!  I did not know that time of day existed before boot camp. I am not napping very much now so I have more awake time to get things done.  It is easier for me to keep up with my five-year old son

Memorial Day for fat

Memorial Day has always been a special holiday for me. My grandfathers, my dad, brother, and lots of my friends have fought for our country and lost fellow soldiers. Anyone who has ever had someone in their life go off to war knows how real the war becomes. It's no longer just something they talk about on the news. As we remember those who paid the ultimate price (and their families) on Memorial Day I want to encourage you to try something new. -Are you out of shape? -Are you overweight? -Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Then mark down Memorial Day as the beginning of the end for feeling like you do now. Here's the step by step plan: 1. Take a picture of yourself-You see yourself every day so it is very hard to pick up the subtle physical changes that are occurring when you start getting in shape. A picture can tell you how far you have come. 2. Get assessed-I would recommend getting your body fat and circumferences checked. These are the most telling measures of your progress. If you ain't assessing, you're just guessing. 3. Record any other numbers you are unhappy with- Blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, etc... 4. Record how you are currently feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally. You will be amazed how all these will improve. 5. Record how you are sleeping, the quality and amount. 6.  Last and most important, make an iron clad committment to an exercise and nutrition plan for one year. your start date is Memorial Day 2011, your end date is Memorial Day 2012. There are no quick fixes, there are no short cuts. If you commit to this, everything you recorded in the list above is about to get better. I guarantee it. You won't even recognize the person in the picture. If you want to commit to boot camp for a year, I am opening up our exclusive VIBC membership where you get 40% of camp. Normally it is only open at the beginning of the year, but I am making an exception. It will only be open through Monday and only for 10 people, so if you are interested better act soon! Another option, is our new pricing option called the Inner Circle. It will be a 25% discount and I will send out further details on that soon. Let me know if you're interested now and I will tell you more about it. E-mail Whatever you decide to do, you have to make that commitment to yourself. Not to me, not to your spouse, not to your doctor, but to you. Using Memorial Day as a marker will serve 2 purposes. 1. It will give you a concrete date to look forward to. If you've fallen off the wagon on your New Year's resolutions, this will give you a fresh start to transform your body. 2. It will help remind you of this important date that so many people still take for granted. This is your last Memorial Day feeling like you do now. A change is a comin.

3 Exercises For Jiggle Proof Arms

Hey everybody! Just a quick note for you today.I will be on WAAY 31's 4 o'clock news today talking about 3 exercises for jiggle proof arms. You know how sometimes you'll wave at someone, you stop waving, but your arm keeps waving? Tune in today and we will help solve that issue.  As an added bonus, look closely if they show the back of my head today. I'm starting to grow a rat tail. I'm bringing them back baby! Who's with me? My wife really wishes I was kidding. PS-If you can't tune in because you have a job or Oprah is on, I will post you the link tomorrow.

Coach Mike Boyle on Changing the Fitness World Forever


50 CCs of squats STAT!

I am a huge fan of a strength coach named Mike Boyle. Super smart guy and he just has a way of putting things that stick in your head. Here is an e-mail he sent out recently about an operation you need to have done. I’ve got a newsflash that will change the world of fitness and training forever. I discovered an essential new operation that be life-changing. The operation is called an addanasstomy. Luckily you can perform this operation on yourself with out the aid of a doctor. In an addanasstomy we take the average gluteless bench press addicted trainee and we begin an intensive program of squats and lunges to attempt to add increase the size of the glutes maximus. Hence the name. ADD AN ASS TO ME or in this case really to you. It’s funny, in fitness we always seem to be trying to lose something.  Most of the time it seems to be around the waist. The truth is that most people need to lose a little in front and gain a little in the back. Don’t always think about taking away, think about adding a little, but only in back. The way most people look these days glutes belong on a milk carton. I can see it now. Wanted lost glutes. Last seen just before freshman year of college.  The glutes began to disappear the day you sat down for good and decided never to exercise again. It was only a matter of time. It’s so wonderfully rare to see a man or a woman who fills out their pants properly. Don’t get me wrong, I see lots of improperly filled pants. You know what I mean.  In these days of thongs and low cut jeans, it is even worse. I think you can visualize the young girl with the adipose overflowing the top of the jeans. Had enough yet? This same young girl is always pulling up her low cut jeans because she has no glutes to hold them up. For men the beer belly or the plumbers crack are almost cliché. Both at least an indirect result of no glutes. The truth is that glutes are essential to survival. Low back pain expert Stuart McGill, author of Low Back Disorders, describes the loss of glute strength and size as gluteal amnesia ( his term, not mine) and goes on to implicate lack of strength in the glutes for the debilitating back pain that afflicts so many. The cure for gluteal amnesia is an addanasstomy.   The truth is we sit too much, we take too many elevators, we skip too many stairs. The result. Loss of glute function and the relative disappearance of the bodies most vital muscle. Then to top it off we go to the gym and do what? Of course, we work on our upper body. No wonder everyone’s back hurts. The cure. Squats, lunges, one leg squats, split squats. Hip extension exercises and bridging exercises. The good part is that the disease is cureable and that you can perform the operation on yourself. Regards, Mike Boyle

Hidden heros

Are any of you past or present military spouses? This one is for you. With Memorial Day coming up I wanted a way to honor all the military spouses out there. I have seen first hand how hard it is for military wives who have to pick up everything and move to a new city every few years. To have to play mommy and daddy when daddy is deployed for 9 months, 12 months, and even 18 months at a time. For regular families the mere concept of this is mind-blowing. Military wives take into stride and do what they have to do to make things work. For the service members that I know, if they know that their families are taken care of back home it is all they need. They can focus on the task at hand and not be distracted and sloppy in their jobs. So this Memorial Day as we remember those who have served and are serving, let's also remember those who have supported them behind the scenes. If you are a past or present military spouse, you can join our next boot camp (The Sizzling For Summer Camp 5:30 am camp or the 5:30 pm camp) that starts May 30 and get $50 off. Thanks for all that you do and I hope as many of you as possible can take advantage of this special offer.

What do you fear?


I have to speak in front of HOW many people?

Is fear a regular part of your life?  To be honest, for me it plays a pretty big part. But the most important part is that I do not let it stop me from doing what I want to do. Public speaking for me has always been something that makes me sick to my stomach and makes my knees feel a little swoony if that's a word. That is why I try to do as much public speaking as possible.  If something scares you to death, THAT is the thing you need to be doing. Otherwise it will own you forever. I have gotten to a point where I have pretty much shaken the swoony part, but the nervous sickness is still there. I get nervous if  whether it is 10 people or 1000 people. I still get nervous before I teach at boot camp and that is in front of people I know like me already! At the beginning of class any way... Fear and nerves still make me say strange things. I was once speaking on how to start an exercise program and there were maybe 50 people in the room. Everything was looking great until the person who asked me to come had to tell me "Sorry more people aren't here, but you are live on the 4,000 computers in this office." If I had been wearing a tie, I would have started pulling on it nervously.  I proceeded to go out there and within 5 minutes had recommended to a bunch of grown, professionals that they should listen to Justin Bieber while they exercise. I have the honor of going on live TV once a month or so. I wake up around 430am every morning and the news I am on comes on at 4pm. That gives me all day to be nervous. The thought of TV makes me more vomity than swoony for those keeping score at home. On live TV, I have: -mentioned that a specific workout I was doing could be done at home or in jail... -I talked about how Budweiser, bean dip, and Spanx all relate to six-pack abs -I called an exercise Josh Baker (the news reporter's husband) is a handsome man -I smashed a scale with a sledge hammer I get nervous and develop something that has to be related to Tourette's. It is uncontrollable. So what does this have to do with health and fitness? You have to face your fears and get out of your comfort zone. If you are fine with the body, job, relationship, or whatever you have then this does not apply to you. For me, I want to improve EVERYTHING. I want to be in great shape, have the best fitness business in town, be the best dad and husband I can be. To get the things I want, I have to be uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure the fear will always be there, but I will never let that stop me. It gets a little easier each time, so I just keep pushing through and ignore the negtive thoughts that are telling me I am going to fail.  Are you going through the motions with your workouts and nutrition? Unless you are happy where you are, step out! Try something new, do something that scares you, and try to do something every day to conquer your fear. What are you afraid of? I want to help you overcome them, so let me know how I can help.

Dark Chocolate Chunk Muffin Recipe and the Next Challenge

This is the first time I can remember recommending that any of my clients eat muffins. Normally muffins are on my Bobo No No list for proper nutrition. But my partners at Prograde have come up with a recipe for muffins that I can agree with. No just any muffins, but Dark Chocolate Chunk Muffins! Check it out in the link below. Dark Chocolate Chunk Muffins Now don't get me wrong, those are not something you want to eat every day for breakfast, but if are looking for a way to make that sweet tooth be quiet and give you a moment's peace that is the way to go. On to your next challenge! We have been off from the challenges for awhile due to the tornado and then the following tornado relief efforts, curfews, etc... Our Boot Camp For tornado Relief raised nearly $10,000 dollars worth of cash, checks, supplies, and other donations. Five figures baby! That is so awesome. Everyone who participated has a huge heart to go along with their tiny waist tiny waist. Very cool of you all. Your challenge is to come up with 3 things you are grateful for, that you take for granted. I read the other day that if you make over $40,000 a year, you make more money than 96% of the world's population. Crazy when you think about it. Reading that and seeing all the devastation the tornado brought has given me an entirely new perspective on things. What are your 3 things? Feel free to e-mail them to me, to keep yourself accountable. Email me at Look forward to hearing from you all!

"We never used to be so sick."

"We never used to be so sick. The white man's food is not good for us." -Malaya Kulujah, Baffin Island Eskimo   I saw that quote the other day and it really got to me. We have made major medical advances, that even 15 years ago seemed impossible. Remember when AIDS was a quick and painful death sentence, with no chance for survival?   We know more about fitness, nutrition, heart health, and the human body in general than ever.  More people are exercising than any time in history.   So why do we have so many people that struggle with weight?   Inactivity and sedentary jobs don't help, but I think the majority of the problem can be tied to  our food supply.   Foods that are highly processed then packed with sugar and salt are very common. Our tastebuds are so overstimulated, we HAVE to dump more salt on already salty food just to taste it.   It's time to make a change. Those processed foods are keeping sloppy, worthless weight on you. Your body doesn't know what to do with that stuff.   It's time to get back to eating foods your body can work with. Look at what you eat. Was it around 100 years ago? Look at the ingredients. Can you pronounce everything on the list?   Many of you had to clean out everything you had in the fridge and the freezer. This is the perfect time to stock back up with healthy items!
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