Hey everybody! Just wanted to send a quick message of thanks to all of you for what you have done so far. We have had an overwhelming response so far with the donated items and offers for help. I know you read this blog because you want tips on fitness, nutrition, etc... and that will start back tomorrow I promise. I made a short, balling on a budget, hand held video for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rywvksgtk7g If you could do me a favor and help spread the word about the boot camp we are having this weekend to help tornado victims. Send your friends the video, if you're like me and most of your friends can't read. Tell them about the event over the phone. Come yourself and physically drag them with you. Whatever it takes, I am expecting a huge turn out and I want you to come experience it with me. You don't even have to exercise, you can just donate or come and hang out. This is about community and a chance to have a little fun, but still help those who are in desperate need of it right now. Thanks again for all that you have done and plan on doing in the future. Have a great day!