"We never used to be so sick. The white man's food is not good for us." -Malaya Kulujah, Baffin Island Eskimo   I saw that quote the other day and it really got to me. We have made major medical advances, that even 15 years ago seemed impossible. Remember when AIDS was a quick and painful death sentence, with no chance for survival?   We know more about fitness, nutrition, heart health, and the human body in general than ever.  More people are exercising than any time in history.   So why do we have so many people that struggle with weight?   Inactivity and sedentary jobs don't help, but I think the majority of the problem can be tied to  our food supply.   Foods that are highly processed then packed with sugar and salt are very common. Our tastebuds are so overstimulated, we HAVE to dump more salt on already salty food just to taste it.   It's time to make a change. Those processed foods are keeping sloppy, worthless weight on you. Your body doesn't know what to do with that stuff.   It's time to get back to eating foods your body can work with. Look at what you eat. Was it around 100 years ago? Look at the ingredients. Can you pronounce everything on the list?   Many of you had to clean out everything you had in the fridge and the freezer. This is the perfect time to stock back up with healthy items!