This is the first time I can remember recommending that any of my clients eat muffins. Normally muffins are on my Bobo No No list for proper nutrition. But my partners at Prograde have come up with a recipe for muffins that I can agree with. No just any muffins, but Dark Chocolate Chunk Muffins! Check it out in the link below. Dark Chocolate Chunk Muffins Now don't get me wrong, those are not something you want to eat every day for breakfast, but if are looking for a way to make that sweet tooth be quiet and give you a moment's peace that is the way to go. On to your next challenge! We have been off from the challenges for awhile due to the tornado and then the following tornado relief efforts, curfews, etc... Our Boot Camp For tornado Relief raised nearly $10,000 dollars worth of cash, checks, supplies, and other donations. Five figures baby! That is so awesome. Everyone who participated has a huge heart to go along with their tiny waist tiny waist. Very cool of you all. Your challenge is to come up with 3 things you are grateful for, that you take for granted. I read the other day that if you make over $40,000 a year, you make more money than 96% of the world's population. Crazy when you think about it. Reading that and seeing all the devastation the tornado brought has given me an entirely new perspective on things. What are your 3 things? Feel free to e-mail them to me, to keep yourself accountable. Email me at Look forward to hearing from you all!