I have to speak in front of HOW many people?

Is fear a regular part of your life?  To be honest, for me it plays a pretty big part. But the most important part is that I do not let it stop me from doing what I want to do. Public speaking for me has always been something that makes me sick to my stomach and makes my knees feel a little swoony if that's a word. That is why I try to do as much public speaking as possible.  If something scares you to death, THAT is the thing you need to be doing. Otherwise it will own you forever. I have gotten to a point where I have pretty much shaken the swoony part, but the nervous sickness is still there. I get nervous if  whether it is 10 people or 1000 people. I still get nervous before I teach at boot camp and that is in front of people I know like me already! At the beginning of class any way... Fear and nerves still make me say strange things. I was once speaking on how to start an exercise program and there were maybe 50 people in the room. Everything was looking great until the person who asked me to come had to tell me "Sorry more people aren't here, but you are live on the 4,000 computers in this office." If I had been wearing a tie, I would have started pulling on it nervously.  I proceeded to go out there and within 5 minutes had recommended to a bunch of grown, professionals that they should listen to Justin Bieber while they exercise. I have the honor of going on live TV once a month or so. I wake up around 430am every morning and the news I am on comes on at 4pm. That gives me all day to be nervous. The thought of TV makes me more vomity than swoony for those keeping score at home. On live TV, I have: -mentioned that a specific workout I was doing could be done at home or in jail... -I talked about how Budweiser, bean dip, and Spanx all relate to six-pack abs -I called an exercise Josh Baker (the news reporter's husband) is a handsome man -I smashed a scale with a sledge hammer I get nervous and develop something that has to be related to Tourette's. It is uncontrollable. So what does this have to do with health and fitness? You have to face your fears and get out of your comfort zone. If you are fine with the body, job, relationship, or whatever you have then this does not apply to you. For me, I want to improve EVERYTHING. I want to be in great shape, have the best fitness business in town, be the best dad and husband I can be. To get the things I want, I have to be uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure the fear will always be there, but I will never let that stop me. It gets a little easier each time, so I just keep pushing through and ignore the negtive thoughts that are telling me I am going to fail.  Are you going through the motions with your workouts and nutrition? Unless you are happy where you are, step out! Try something new, do something that scares you, and try to do something every day to conquer your fear. What are you afraid of? I want to help you overcome them, so let me know how I can help.