I asked my boot campers to give me 3 things that have gotten easier since they started boot camp. There were some pretty cool and funny answers. Check it out:  I can walk for an hour now at a fast pace with no problems. I can do 20 real push ups---not the girly ones. I can run again!!! I can beat my husband at almost any exercise! I don't make the old lady noise anymore when i stand or bend or squat. When i kneel to pray i dont have to rest back on my heels!! That's cool! Definite improvement in my sleep I prioritize my time better so I can go to bed earlier so I can get up at 5am I feel much better about myself and have more confidence Running (is easier)Stairs Moving (sitting, standing, transition from sitting to standing,stretching) choosing foods that are better for me pushups Staying active with my young daughter. Climbing stairs at work (depending on how hard the workout was that morning. Working out on my own. Getting up at 5:10am Lifting in general is easier. Kids, grocery bags, strollers, helping the hubs carry a couch up the stairs - all easier! I sleep easier.  Maybe I'm just more worn out?  All I know is I used to sleep very sporadically and very lightly - 4 to 5 hrs a night if I was lucky, and never all at one time, and every noise woke me up - but since my 2nd week of my very first camp I crash and stay asleep. It's the best! Running!!! My running is definitely easier since being a b-camper. My legs & core don't fatigue as quickly, which is kind of awesome bc I can hold good form longer and not get hurt. (I guess technically this one is exercise-related, but non-Bootcamp-specific) I was serious when I said I couldn't have finished our half marathon without your workouts! Staying awake in the afternoon. Motivation to walk the dog. Alertness Walking the stairs at work getting up so early in the mornings to get to boot camp  eating healthier. I sleep better and wake up an hour ahead of the alarm (what's up with that?) I have started playing with my dogs. I don't have to balance against the bed to put my sweats on!!  It is easier for me to get up earlier in the morning.  What a great time of day!  I did not know that time of day existed before boot camp. I am not napping very much now so I have more awake time to get things done.  It is easier for me to keep up with my five-year old son