Don't let this be you this summer

        Hey man, guess what? It is hot. The summer heat and humidity can be extremely dangerous, with dehydration being a big part of that. Being dehydrated is a big part of people developing kidney stones as well. If I can do anything to avoid that little piece of misery I will do it. Do you know the signs of dehydration? Here are a few to look for. -Dry lips -Dry tongue -Muscle cramps -No energy -Dark urine -Thirsty By the time you feel thirsty, it is too late you are already dehydrated. The easiest way to tell if you are properly hydrated is if you have clear or very light yellow urine. I said the easiest, not the most attractive way to tell. So let's go over a few strategies to help prevent getting into trouble this summer with the heat. 1. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables can help you stay hydrated due to their high water content, plus make you feel a ton better. Don't believe me? Ever heard of a little something called watermelon? Now what's up? 2. Drink water throughout the day. This one is especially if you are going to be exercising. you can't make up for lost time by chugging a bunch of water right before your workout. Not good. How much water are you drinking during the day right now? It's in the high 90's with 90% humidity where I live. Try doubling your current water intake if you are going to be exercising outdoors. You're not going to die from drinking too much water just because some lady did when she chugged too much water and did not go to the bathroom. You will go to the bathroom. Oh yes you will, but it's better than going to the emergency room due to heat stroke. 3. Cut down on caffeine and alcohol. Anything that is taking your precious water levels away is not good. If you are going to drink coffee or have a few beers, match each drink with a glass of water. 4. Wear loose, light clothing. I know you love that skin-tight, cotton Kermit the Frog shirt but we need something that breathes baby! If you are holding in all that heat and not letting it escape through the fiber in your clothing you are going to overheat. 5. Listen to your body. Not the time to be a tough guy/girl. I'm all for pushing yourself and digging down deep during exercise but you have to be smart about it. Live to fight fat another day.