I'm going motivational speaker on you today. I've got 3 steps to improve your workout AND your life. My 12 disc DVD will be out in Fall of 2067, but you can pre-order now for the low price of $5,000. Sounds like a lot, but won't mean jack by 2067. That will be like 4 dollars by then. Just put it on your credit card and forget about. The 3 steps:
1. Be around positive people-This one is huge. Negative people can steal all of your energy. One of my mentors, Dr. John Spencer Ellis the man who started Adventure Boot Camp, calls them energy vampires. You know the type. Always complaining, never look for solutions, just like to point out flaws. I think about George Constanza's mom on Seinfeld. Avoid these types of people like the plague, because that's what they are. I have a lot of faults, but one thing I am is positive. About 98% of the time, to the point where I'm sure I get on my wife's nerves. Look for people who like to be a part of the solution and not people who like to point out problems.
2. Visualize your goals-The mind is a powerful thing.and you should harness that power to improve your body, your wallet, whatever. I set a goal in January to be the palest guy on the beach by the time June rolled around. Now that's easy in January, everyone's pale. It got a little tougher around May and early June, but I stayed strong. Went to the beach in June and guess what? Mission accomplished baby. Now that is probably not your goal, it is much too ambitious for most people. Maybe you want to picture yourself in the swimsuit you want to wear, finishing a 5K in a certain time frame, looking awesome in your wedding dress, making more money, being strong enough to keep up with kids or grand kids, getting that dream job, whatever it is lock that image in your head. Access that image several times a day, every day.
3. Feed yourself mental pictures-So you have your goals in your head. Now feed yourself images of not only you being there, but how the steps you need to take to get there. Pictures of you eating healthy meals, finishing your degree, giving it your all at boot camp, staying out of the sun, etc... Whatever those steps are, picture them frequently.
Here's your homework that doesn't need to be turned in. Write down your 3 most important goals, regardless if they are fitness related or not. Under each goal write at least 3 steps you need to start taking TODAY to meet those goals. Now you have your mental images and pictures to run through your head.
Convince the brain and the body will follow.