My job is killing me             Is your job killing you? Not just that annoying, close talker you work with that who really enjoys sardines and your company but actually effecting your health. But I exercise all the time you say! Studies have shown that it doesn’t matter. If you exercise every day, but that is the only movement you get all day you’re in trouble. Your posture gets all jacked up (technical term), you are at a much great risk for several deadly diseases, and you pack on the pounds. Have you ever went from a fairly active job to a sedentary job? Did you gain a little weight? That just means you are just like the average person. A study out of UNC Wilmington found that people who begin sedentary jobs put on 18 pounds over an 8 month period after starting the job. So what do you do? You are stuck in that chair because that is where you have to work all day. I suggest you take part in my Fight Fat With a Fidget Program (Patent Pending). I'm not a very observant person, but in all my days you know what I've never seen? A fat fidgeter. Have you? Look at that annoying guy in your meeting who looks like he is working an old sewing machine in hyper drive the way he is tapping his foot. Usually a wiry guy. How about the guy who just can't seem to sit still? Either he has serious bladder trouble or he is just a fidgeter. I think there is a lesson in there. Movement is the key to weight loss. Tapping your foot burns calories, pacing burns calories, even flicking a pin top up and down burns calories. For true fidgeters, it is usually second nature for normal people it takes a conscious effort. The one risk you run is annoying everyone around you. Air drumming guy, the guy who rocks like Rain Man in his chair, I'm sure you have all met similar people. It all gets back to moving more than you are now. Do a Flashdance type run at your desk every now and then, do the arm part of the jumping jack in your chair, install an arm wrestling device in your 18 wheeler like Stallone in Over The Top. Find something (preferably one where people don' t think you are insane) that can help you burn a few extra calories. Look at it this way. If you burned an extra 50 calories in a day, you would lose about 5 pounds of fat a year. An extra 100 calories a day and you would lose 10 pounds of fat in a year. Not too bad for a little extra effort. Stay active, stay slim.