Does your GNO stand for Girls Noshing to Obesity? I know it doesn't exactly work, but it was the best I could come up with. This is a study you may find interesting.When a person in the study became obese, there was a 40% increased risk their sibling would become obese too! And for the spouse, there was a 37% increased risk. But here is what really hurts. When your friend becomes obese, you have a 57% increased risk yourself! And if your friend was of the same gender, that jumped to 71%! That is crazy, but it does make sense. Think about the social events you go to or the things you do with your friends. How many of those events involve physical activity and healthy eating? For the most part it is dinner and drinks with little regard for caloric intake. GNO's are awesome and really can help with stress, but can sabotage your weight loss program. So what do you do? Try to be the leader, not the follower. Be the one who orders the healthy meal, doesn't eat 4 loaves of bread or 4 baskets of chips while they wait. Are you going out with friends this weekend? Why not be the one who takes the healthy lead? Make better bad choices and help your friends do the same.