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Women, Exercise, and Metabolism (Part Deux)


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  Thanks for all the feedback on the first part of this series. I find lots of nerdy things interesting, so it's good to know you also enjoy this stuff. I appreciate you letting me know when you enjot something and also when you don't. I am all about YOU. And burpees. On to more tidbits. -The thermic effect of feeding (TEF) is responsible for about 10% of your daily calorie burn -It takes 10-30 calories per 100 calories consumed. Carbs are 5-10 calories and fats are 0-3 calories per 100 consumed -Eating a high fiber diet (24-30 grams a day) will make you burn an extra 80-90 calories a day (would equal a loss of 9 pounds of year just from eating more fiber) -Grazing is not good -Eating too much food at one time can lessen the TEF -The body does not do good with erratic eating -Eating breakfast increases your metabolism by 5% -Skipping meals slows your metabolism -Thermic effect of physical activity (TEPA) is responsible for 15-30% of calorie burn -TEFA consists of Activities of Daily Living (ADL), the “fidget” factor, and exercise -People who stayed busy with ADL (washing cars, cleaning house, doing yardwork, etc…) were more physically fit than people who spent an hour a day in the gym (that one hurts) -Weight loss is 80-90% nutrition -An estimated 1/3 of the population can overeat at a moderate level without gaining weight. It is thought to be because of non-exercise activity thermogenosis (NEAT) -A study that had men and women overeat 1000 calories a day for 8 weeks. The most fidgety/restless gained only 3 pounds, while the least fidgety gained 16 pounds (Who volunteers for that? How do you measure a fidget? On a side note, next time you are in a meeting pay attention to the guy or girl that can’t hold still. Most times they are pretty thin. She must have read my article Fight Fat With a Fidget.) -If you have to choose one mode of exercise, do strength training -A study compared women who walked an hour 5 times a week versus women who strength trained 2 times per week. The strength trainers burned 15% more calories due to increased energy levels (They had more energy for those daily activities) -If you have to choose doing cardio or strength training first in a workout, do strength training first -There is no “fat burning” zone, that is a myth -Walking burns a higher percentage of fat, but running burns more fat and fat calories overall -Weight is determined by calories in calories out. Period. -Intensity in exercise is the key to weight loss -Women who are experienced exercisers burn more calories at rest and lose fat easier than women who are sedentary or just beginning to exercise (why it’s important to stick to a program!) -If the scale is not going down the person is eating too much     That’s all for Women, Exercise, and Metabolism. The next lecture notes will be about Nutrient Timing. This will apply more to people who are looking to increase performance, but I think you will find it interesting.

Women, Exercise, and Metabolism

                    I went to a fitness conference in Birmingham this past weekend. Not sure what is wrong with me, but sitting in a classroom for 10 hours over a weekend was awesome! I learned a ton and met some really cool people. So over the next few days I want to share some of the things I learned. Or you can come by my house and look over the 30 or so pages of notes I have. Today's topic will probably interest many of you. It was the very first class and it was called Women, Exercise, and Metabolism.   This lecture was by Dr. Ginger Patterson a dietitian from Fort Meyers, Florida. Really interesting lady who didn't go to college until her kids did. She said she didn't want them thinking they were smarter than her. I'm going to give you the highlights in nugget form. Who doesn't love nuggets? Some of this may be new information, some of it not, but it can all help/inform/interest/entertain you.   -Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is responsible for 60-75% of the calories you burn every day. Your RMR is what you think of when you talk about having a slow or fast metabolism. -What effects your RMR? Genetics, age, fat free mass (muscle), surface area (how big or small you are), temperature (hot or cold temps), caloric restriction, hormones, menopause -Lifestyle can override genetics -If a child has 2 obese parents they have a 70% of being obese, 40-50% with one parent, and 15-20% if neither is obese -Average female has 27 billion fat cells, obese have as many as 75 billion -You don't add more fat cells, they just get bigger -It is easier to lose fat off the stomach than off the hips (is that news to any of you?) -The average woman gains 20 pounds between the ages of 25 and 55 -After child bearing years women will begin storing fat in their stomach (as opposed to the hips) -It increases your metabolism to shiver or sweat (see why boot camp is outside in August?) -Reducing caloric intake below energy needs results in a lowering your RMR by an average of 15% (Ever went on a nothing but salad diet, lost 20 pounds, then gained 30 back?) -Studies show increased fat storage with caloric restriction (increase fat storage + a decreased metabolism=not good) -If you don't feed the exercise (eat after your workouts) you will not get the Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC that is also known as the Afterburn and can result in calories being burned up to 36 hours after you stopped exercising) -Every woman should have her thyroid checked -The reason you crave chocolate during your period is because of estrogen. Estrogen makes you more sensitive to insulin, lower blood sugar makes you crave sweets. -The first 2 weeks of the menstrual cycle increases your metabolism an average of 200-300 calories/day, but the second 2 weeks bring on the cravings that result in an average increase caloric intake of 200-300/day. -There is no research that shows menopause causes weight gain -The weight gain in menopause is mainly attributed to decreased activity levels -A study compared female athletes and sedentary women between the ages of 18-69. They found there was no difference in body fat percentages between the youngest and oldest athletes. Also, the older athlete's metabolic rates were similar to the young athletes not the older sedentary women     I don't want to overwhelm you with all of this, so I will be back with more tidbits tomorrow.

Have you ever popped all your tires?

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The weekend is here, so things can get out of hand. I normally give you my official Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp plan for the weekend, but I want to try something else. Here is a little mental tool I learned from a famous fitness pro named Rachael Cosgrove. If you can't tell be reading it this is her concept and my words. Didn't want you thinking she is a crazy person.
I want you to picture yourself happily driving down the road, letting your mind wander, fixating on that dream boat Al Roker as always, when all off the sudden you hit a curb REALLY hard. You get out to inspect your car and you find out you popped a tire. Your next move? You go around to the rest of the car and pop every single tire.
Why? Because you screwed up! What? You wouldn't do that? Well let me ask you this, have you ever been doing really good on a nutrition or exercise program, have a slip up, and then just go NUTS on a binge or go completely sedentary?
I have, so I know what it's like. Well I already blew it with the pizza on Friday, might as well drink a party ball of Budweiser and eat a dozen donuts. Weren't those things called party balls back in the day? Who knows, the point is to not blow it all based on one slip up!
Build some cheats into your plan, practice portion control, just go for a walk, show up at an exercise class, eat healthier every day, just do something to get you back in the groove.
The main thing is to stop beating yourself up about food. We all make mistakes, many of you have seen my mullet pictures and Antoine Dodson impression . I have been forgiven by society for those atrocities, so surely you can forgive yourself for having a little pizza.

Healthy habits for moms to pick up (video)

  A clip of me on the news talking about some healthy habits for moms to adopt. Not only to make themselves healthier, but their children as well.

5 Better Nutrition Tips for Moms

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It's that time again, time for me to embarrass my family! I will be on WAAY 31's 4 o'clock news today with tips about better nutrition for moms.   As an exclusive reader of mine you get a sneak preview of what I will be talking about today. And you thought the free Dessert Recipe Book was cool. E-mail me at to get your copy of the recipe book. My plan is to talk about these 5 things. I'm not guaranteeing anything though.   1. Always keep healthy snacks in your purse. No reason a grown woman should have Phineas and Ferb crackers in her purse. Get your kids used to healthy snacks like fruit or nuts. You will both be much better off.   2. Don't drink your calories. We burn off anywhere between 500-800 calories/ hour in boot camp. Through hard work, effort, and the assistance of MC Hammer. Starbucks has 10 drinks with 500-800 calories in it. The Peppermint White Hot Chocolate has 730 calories if you want to know the one with the highest amount. Plus it has zero MC Hammer.   3. Always eat breakfast. Any moms out there get so rushed getting everybody else ready for school and work they skip breakfast? Not good. You have to eat breakfast every day. Period. People who eat breakfast are able to maintain a healthy weight easier, are in a better mood, are more productive, and have a better memory.   4. Keep a food journal. The rules are if you bite it, you write it. Record everything you eat and drink that has calories in it. You even have to write down the BLT's while you cook. Not the Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato, but the Bites, Licks,and Tastes as you cook. You know who you are. It sounds like a lot of work, but even if you do it a few times here and there it will help. Think of it as your road map. You can look back on it and figure out why your exercise program was successful or not.   5. Be a role model. In my opinion, this is the most important one. Everyone talks about the importance of keeping their kids healthy and feeding them nutritious foods. How important does it look to your kids when they hear you talking about eating healthy, but eating unhealthy yourself? What you DO speaks so much louder than what you SAY. You have to practice what you preach for it to sink in. That is how I started eating vegetables. A few years ago, I had one of those lightning bolt moments that changes the way I ate. I was right in the middle of telling my son that he better eat all his vegetables, when I myself had not eaten a vegetable since I had eaten a piece of celery with some wings in college. I realized how hypocritical that was and I (and my son) both eat vegetables several times a day now. Kids do not buy groceries. Read that again. What you feed them is what they will eat. It won't be easy, you and I both know that. I have sat with my son while he chewed a single piece of grilled chicken literally for 20 minutes. One tiny piece! They will eat healthy if you are eating healthy and that is just the new way it is at your house. You can not depend on the schools, the government, and especially grandparents (you also know who you are) to feed your kid healthy meals. It is YOUR job to take care of that.   You think it is important to have a healthy child? Show it in your actions, not your words.

I love snacks (video)

In case you missed my long lost E-Harmony video, sit back and enjoy yourself. And if you think I'm weird, watch the lady below who was my inspiration.    

30 Ways To Rock Solid Abs (Free book)

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I love snacks

Boot camp instructor Joe Martin from Huntsville and Madison Adventure Boot Camp ( admits to a problem he has.

Banana and almond smoothie recipe (video)

The smoothie recipe is made of 2 cups of milk, one frozen banana, a few almonds, and some poor iPhone camera work. You can scale everything to your taste and needs, even adding protein powder to supercharge your smoothie. It's like a healthy version of the old Blizzard dessert. Take that Dairy Queen!

Almond and Banana smoothie recipe

0 Joe Martin shares a quick post workout smoothie recipe. 2 cups of milk, one frozen banana, and a few (more…)
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